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M20 Swap Parts (Transmission, Drive Shaft, Distributor, More)

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Just parted out a customer's M20 swap car, unfortunate victim of a wreck. Here's the important stuff for anybody planning an M20 swap:

-323i distributor and associated. That's distributor (with cap & rotor), ballast resistor, ignition module, coil, and even the wire set.

-Getrag 242 4-speed transmission. Used, but ran decently. Throwout bearing is trash, but clutch slave cylinder looks pretty new.

-Driveshaft. '02 driveshaft with modified nose, correct match for the 242 transmission. This is the one that was running in the car. Center bearing should be replaced, though.

-Tach adapter! Very nifty little tach adaptor so you can use your stock tach with the 6-cylinder. This cost near $80 new. Was run for about a month before the wreck.

-4-barrel intake manifold and Holley carburetor! Very cool part, a factory intake manifold for the M20 head to use a 4-barrel carb. Currently has a Holley 4-barrel on it that was tuned decently for an M20. Very cool piece.

Price is for everything, local pickup in the Seattle-to-Portland area is preferred, although I will ship (fair warning, I will charge exorbitant shipping prices to box and ship everything). If you are interested in anything in particular, make me an offer. Worst I can say is "no".

Pictures on request. Other parts from the car are also available; it was a '73, hit in the nose. Ask if you need anything.

Contact through the FAQ or email midnightmotorsport@yahoo.com

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