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could you guys with big power M10's tell me about your cars?

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0-60, 1/4 mile, track lap times..... lots of data for "big M10s". Also, all these numbers will result from a combination of many things. Most HSP/Torque numbers come from chassis dynos that take into account drivetrain drag,exhaust system characteristics, etc.My Metric Mechanic 2.2L M10 with an Alpina A4 mechanical fuel injection system was clocked at 136 MPH on the back stretch at Sears Point 10 years ago during a BMWCCA track school. Chassis dyno number 10 years ago was 169 bhp ( unclear flywheel or rear wheels). I will redo all stats with my brand new MM 2.2L w/ same injection system once the engine is properly broken-in. Ten I can see if my buck bought a bang, lol

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Guest Anonymous

Sorry to say, if you want to go 140mph get a porsche! (or an M5)

That said you want power from your M10 motor, I say these are your options (8v single cam):

balanced /blueprinted motor, 10:1 cr pistons, 45 webers, 300+ cam

balanced/blueprinted motor, tii injection, 292 cam, reprofiled pump

balanced/blueprinted motor, alpina injection, 292+ cam, reprofiled pump/Alpina pump

HP varies based on what you have heard and what you believe. All have varying cost and driveablility issues. Most people would say that these motors would probably make 150-180hp give or take. Remember with power you need everything else, (exhaust, brakes, suspension-not necessarily in that order). Its a loaded question. Lots and lots of $$$

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Guest Anonymous

hitting 117 on the highway, I would have pushed it further but I was coming up on cars. I have...

11.0:1 compression

304 degree cam

Weber 45 DCOE's

Header and straight pipe

320 5-speed

Hope this helps, if you have more questions about the setup email me.


'75 '02

'76 '02

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