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Still Learning Re: Megasquirt


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OK, I got her running on my own...  I didn't get a whole lot of responses from my "Megasquirters Units!" post.


It starts right up, although barely idling, mostly not idling, but seems very drive-able once started.  I am watching the VE and the AFR map while driving and it stays in the zone (12-15 AFR) up to 8-10lb of boost.    Please if anyone with Megasquirt experience with turbo applications can provide suggestions I would be forever grateful.


Here are some of my main questions;


1) My car is Pinepig's beast and he isn't as active on the board as he used to be, thus I am trying to reverse engineer his R&D.  Does anyone have a copy of his Megasquirt tune map?


2) Injector settings; do I use the canned settings in MS2 Extra file or do I need to go and research my injector and set specific PWM, Battery load, etc... and do the necessary conversions?  I have the required fuel calculation correct; but only 4 squirts per cycle will work... and I have no idea what the remaining variables should be other than the recommended.


3) When researching Pinepigs ignition, he has set up a Hall sensor with magnets on the crank pulley.  What ignition category is that in Megasquirt; Basic Trigger or what?  Second, what is the timing degree offset variable used for this type of ignition sensor?


I tried to post a datalog file of my last drive around the block and hopefully someone can read / decipher this to make some suggestions, but the board will not allow me to post the .csv file.






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Hello, first I need to say sorry, because I don't think I can help you much. I have been fooling with my megasquirt setup for about 4 years total (or summers actually) and still continuing as it's nowhere near perfect. And I don't have turbo which makes things at least 2 times more difficult. Bying an unfinished turbo car with mega without having earlier experience is about the worst thing to do IMO. Sorry to say that out loud.


You just need to read Megamanual and other material so that you know them without looking. Then you probably know enought to make detailed enough questions that somebody may be able to answer. Also you need to know each component you have in your system. It is very difficult to get any straight and right answers because each system is different.


Another option would be to befriend with somebody who knows the stuff by heart.


If it's driveable as you say I'd believe that all the basic settings are about right. Warm up and idle are most difficult to tune. But they are not so depending if it's a turbo or N/A setup.


You asked for thoughts, right :)



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Tommys right about reading the mega manual thoroughly as it relates to MSII. You can crib some peoples tune files right here on the forum as a starting point although I don't think you will find one for a turbo setup just like the one Pinepig has.  As for the injectors there is no canned setting.  You have to have the software and know how to put in the basic settings or know how to load someone else's entire map.  You need to set the injector open time according to the size of your injectors(lbs. per hour) as people use all different sizes. 


The ignition could be EDIS4 or direct coil on plug triggered by the MSII unit. Most all of them use a Hall sensor on the crank pulley.  If you don't have any knowledge of these basics you will certainly be lost.  Bone up on all of that manual and if you haven't done so already,  look at the MSII software for setting up the tables and making the basic settings to the system.  It takes some time to absorb it all but read it over and look at the software on your computer about a gazillion times and it will start to become clearer.  My two cents. 

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Injector specs should be the basic settings.

Injector Open Time is how long it takes for the injectors to actually open and start spraying.

Battery voltage correction is for compensating for lower or higher than normal voltage.  The injectors won't open as fast/far with lower voltage, so they're left open longer (or vis versa).




Second, what is the timing degree offset variable used for this type of ignition sensor?

The offest is the number of degrees before TDC #1 the Hall Sensor magnet comes by.  This must be set right and confirmed with a timing light.  You use the Trigger Wizard (in one of the menus) to confirm that the timing you see on your light matches what the MS thinks it's doing (i.e. 10 degrees on the computer is 10 degrees as read on the engine).



Ignition depends on what the engine is setup up with.  Pictures somewhere?


Also search your TunerStudio folder for a restorePoints folder, you might find and old MSQ in there.

Can you post your MSQ file?  Or send it to mark@originalcustoms.com

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