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Alternate Shifter Knob


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 found what I need, maybe others may need the same or something like this, Epco makes a solid white knob, various diameters, with shift pattern engraved into the top. They are very affordable, will do custom work, tons of colors, solids, rally stripes, skulls, marbles etc......


I got mine ordered with blue ink on the white knob, and the 15 x 1.5 does not seem to be an issue. Why white? after grabbing the shifter and steering wheel in my E36 after a long hot day in Az.  I decided that since I was going to re-do the interior  all together  it was time to drop the original, cracked wood (garbage) knob and go 'modern' with something that won't leave a blister on my palm every time I drive.


Besides the inside is being re-done in blue and white to match up with the roundel logo colors. Seats are Recaros from mid 80's Porsche-   same with the steering, it was old, cracked nasty etc. now it's a Grant wheel- white, carpet kit to follow in blue, headliner to come after everything else...now if I can get the dash recovered in blue that will look great, the old cracked up dash is so ugly

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ordered, they don't list the 15 x 1.5 but are willing to do as a "custom" job.

I mentioned that if they would do that thread as a standard later they would get more customers and I would gladly share my info with the BMW lovers .

The service at  Epco was great, they have been doing this for 60+ years...there was a small fee, but less than $50 total, shipped and delivered, I feel very happy to make this part and Co. a permanent part of my future resources. 


The E36 needs a knob , so does the old MGB .... I love the colors, and marbles, and billiard balls too. Almost did the Blue #2 to go with the 2002 but can have those dark colors any more. 

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Uh, aren't 2002 shift lever threads 12 x 1.5mm?

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I have one of their's that I got about 2 years ago. I had talked to them and told them the threads and they said they couldn't do it. I still got it and made it work anyway. It came with a large thread in the shifter and a couple inserts that reduced the size, all in standard. Let us know how it works, and if it's an insert that gets you the 15x1.5 (my understanding also).

Yes, there WAS skin on my knuckles before I started the repair...

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koblenz- which adapter are you referring to in that link? im only seeing m16 x1.5 stuff...

That was just a general link.  I did not see a 15 x 1.5 but did send them a inquiry.  I will post reply here.



The reply;


Hi, Gary, Yes, we can produce a shift knob with a 15X 1.5 master, but

because it is not a standard size, this would add $11 to the cost of your

knob. The knob you describe is $33.50, plus $11.00 for a custom master

insert, and $8.50 shipping/handling to the continental US for a total of

$53.00. If you would like to proceed, you can fill out an online order form

to pay with PayPal, or you can call me direct with you credit card

information. Thank you for your interest in our shift knobs. Kind regards,

Tracey Mikesh

36 Alder St., Medway, MA 02053

T: 508-533-2741  F: 508-533-2968




I ordered this one.




It is the smaller of the sizes available.  It is an "eggshell" white as opposed to a cue ball white. I hope this helps answer some questions.


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