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When tabbing questions in an ad, states there are no public questions. But if you ask a question, you may find multiple responses to the ad that weren't visible before.

What is the sense of responding to an ad if you can't see any previous questions/answers? Can't even tell if partials are sold on lists of items from one seller.

On the old FAQ, you could at least see if some items have already been spoken for or sold, or if a question you had, had already been addressed. Same with the wanted category.

Would save whole lot of time for seller/buyers if the responses were immediately visible to gauge sellers/buyers answers to the same inquiry that may have been asked numerous times.


My two cents,


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I am working on getting the comments to work better in the Classified. Right now each add get s a "Support Topic" that can be accessed from the add. That is where all the questions end up.


As for partial sales, it might be better for people to actually list individual items since that will bring more attention to each.


steve k.

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