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Rear View Mirror Upgrade!

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Poking through an e21 at Pick n Pull today during the 50% off sale. I noticed the rear view mirror support was very similar to our 02 design. A quick google confirmed my theory that the two could be swaped. $3.56 later, sitting in the lot I tried mounting the new mirror.

Much to my dismay, it didn't fit



Special thanks to: Andrew from Ireland Engineering, Richard from Beyond '02, and Bryce 'DenverTii' here on FAQ

All have been incrediblly helpful and invaluable resources. Thank you!

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The mirror from an early 5 series (E12) is even larger and will fit the '02's mounting slot-and clear the sun visors.  An even cooler mirror is the one incorporating map lights from an E30 is model.  Easy to run wires tucked under the windshield gasket and down the left side A pillar to a convenient hot lead.  The E-30 mirror arm may have to be notched to clear the 02's windshield gasket (which you could have done to the E21 mirror).


Anyway, a larger inside mirror is a how to take advantage of that big rear window.



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You need the indentation of the stalk to not foul the windshield gasket.  You can either grind a divot in the stalk or carefully cut away some of the gasket.  

To get the mirror in, get one of the pins in place, then use a rubber mallet/dead blow hammer to tap the other side into position.

John in VA

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Those pins are often corroded in place so I put a very small amount of lubrication on them from what's at hand (spit, oil from the dipstick or fried chicken, sometimes all three,...) and then squeeze them together several times with pliers to loosen them up.  If you position one of the pins in their socket you can then use a flat blade screwdriver to push the other one in its socket.

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heh, I took a saw and cut the base off, so I could add an entirely different mirror.


the stock mirror and the e21 version hang too low, imho, so I installed a double pivot mirror, which would typically be glued to the glass.  It is two inches wider than the stock 2002 mirror and can be positioned up out of the way.  


as you can see in that photo, it interferes with the 2002's visors, but e21 visors work very well.


I do like the look of the stock BMW mirrors, from the outside, but not while behind the wheel.  I kept ducking under mine, to try and see what was behind it... so I fiXed it.




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The way to do it is to pop the mirror OFF the 2002 arm. It is a ball and socket. If you have the 2002 arm you can attach any of the others from my experience. Yes, you can grind the e21 arm as well. 

But I really do prefer a dual pivot as I prefer it up high as well

If its in good shape it'll pop off with no damage but i'm not guaranteeing anything.




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