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i was looking over the 318i fuel injection write up in the FAQ section, and without any pics and none of the links working, kinda hard to see how some of the things go together, i was curious if there was anyother write ups as good as this one?


and i guess im looking into something more detailed in the part speaking about using a stock 2002 dist, and not running an oxygen sensor.


all help appreciated in advance!!

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You can run a stock distributor, but it does not have the ignition curve that the EFI wants. So it will run, but not well in all RPM ranges.


The system will also run without an oxygen sensor. If you do run it this way, it will run in open loop mode. That means that the computer will not change the fuel delivery for running conditions. It may use more fuel than necessary.

Good Luck,

Mike (#87)

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from a glance at this, it looks like the ECU and fuel pump relay take engine speed signal off the coil negative, so you could certainly

use the 2002 dizzy. Probably worth a Pertronix or something like it, though, and probably also worth having your

distributor refreshed if it's not pretty new- the things are consumables.


I WOULD run an 02 sensor (actually, I'd run 2, or  a wideband with a narrowband output) because

a. it's not so hard to hook up and

b. it improves both emissions and performance, with a stock chip in the ECU.





"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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