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Thinking Of Trading My 02

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I have been tossing around the thought of trading my 02 for a early/mid 80's BMW.  As many may know I drive my 02 every day to the tune of almost 30k miles a year.  So whatever car I may get will be my DD.  I love the look of the E24's  That 5 series 4 door has a neat look.  But the 6 series is so nice as well.  Not sold on the 3 series from those years although I have seen a few clean ones with nice wheels that would be nice.


The 02 is a great car...but going into year 4 of everyday driving is getting harder and harder to do.  My 02 is a very sorted and nice car.  So if I ever did trade it the car I am getting would need to be super clean and low miles, no rust etc etc..5 speed please.


So my question is of the 3,5,6 series...which would provide me the best DD capacity as far as cost of maintenance etc.  Also my 02 is gaining in value yearly so I would hope to get a car that will also be appreciating




I know this is a very broad question but I really appreciate your views on it

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Nick: I don't have but one space in my garage. (the '02 wins)  My '87 325 gets parked outside. I wish that I could park it indoors, but it is my practical dd BMW.  My only complaint is that the a/c has expired. I've had it worked on, but it fails pretty quickly, so  I've given up on it. It is a very enjoyable car. Mine is the eta version.  It is a 5-speed with a vinyl interior, but it's in good condition. I purchased 'Konrad' for $2500.  I hope to buy a 2001 525i for my wife --  to replace her Taurus wagon. (touring?) 

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Late E30.  Daughter drives it.  Quite nice with working AC, ABS, airbags, nice and tight despite 150,000 on the clock and who-knows-how-many previous owners.  Five speed. 


Larger cars (I've had an early euro 635, several E12s, Bavaria, 2500)  don't have the close, tight, tossable feeling of the 2002.  Love my 3.0CS though.


Previous poster has some explaining to do.

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E24s are pretty badass... like 'em lowered with larger wheels.


But... get the 5-speed and the 02's a keeper...  B)

I dunno who would own one of those things ;-)







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Coming from an '02, the E30 would be a good choice.  We had an '85 325e for 18+ years.  I like the E28s - a roomier E30, and very similar mechanical "complexity."  The E24 would be the poorest choice, even though it's so similar to the E28 mechanically - heavier feel and interior parts are becoming harder/more expensive to procure.

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