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02 Heads From Paris / Asphalt Heritage

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Hello everyone here,

I'm finaly introducing myself one the board but i've been following it for a long time as a guest. I live in Paris, France and i'm one the creators of The Asphalt Heritage Club, some of you might have heard of us. We are pretty much creazy about 02's here, and we drive and track these a lot. Personnaly I'm turning 23, interior archictect, and allready 4 02's owned.


I started with a 2002 from 72, wich i fully built as a rallye / fast street car, it's pretty well knowed on tumblrs and blogs so you might have allready seen it somewhere :


72' 2002 Rallye / Fast Road

Big Tii engine, 40's weber, lightened, etc ...

Striped out interior, baquet seats ..

LSD + 5 speed GB

really lots of mods








I finaly sold it to try something else, and maneged to find a stuning 67's 1600-02. One the very first made, all original, 6 Volts, Bristol Grey with perfect black sky interior. Nearly first hand and only 80K miles one the clock, all documented. 

It was freshly fited with a pair of 40's Weber, as i love, it was sooo good to drive, reving up really really high, like 7500 ..


Early 67' 1600-02 Bristol grey / black

All original, 80k Miles

Only mods, Webers 40's








Today, i traded the 1600 for an amazing 70' 2002, second hand, all original with 50K Miles, all documented.

Really liking it because it's nearly perfect, but a bit boring to drive, i'm missing the fealing of 40's Webers.

Planing on selling it to a new project, cause i can't modify it, too cool for that, and the Sahara will not match my sport plans.


2002 70' Sahara

All orignal, really, 50K miles !








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Thank you, i'm you but allready a serious 02 fanatic. I'll probably start a new one soon. I loved my 1600, it's the only car i'm actualy missing, very light, agil, very different fealing from a 2L. I maneged to get a good setting for the Webers so it was runing really well when warm, throttle response was really good and engine felt really alive. Loved it ! I sold it to a friend that will take care of it and keep original as it is, and as he lives just a few miles from my place i'm seeing the car quite often.


We are a group young men driving 02's here, and we are pretty jealous about your 02 community in the US, California .. Lots of sweet cars, being loved. Just saw The Bayarea Swap & show album, looks soooo cool to us, we love the way in the us you maneged to have events that can connect people around heavily modified 02 and in the other side really original ones. Very nice, we miss this here, we have events like The Bavaria Tour, or Lemans Classic, and every classic race events, but nothing really in the philosophy of your Swap & Show.


Looks like some hooliganism but really, it was love and taked care of after every drive :)






PS : Sorry for my probably poor English, can't hyde that i'm French ...



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Salut Arthur - you'll always regret letting that 1600 go - they have such a different character. If you find yourself down in 06 give me a call for a pastis and a thrash up the mountain in mine (perhaps the drive first and the pastis later). And drop me a line if you sell the 2002 - might be interested.



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Thanks everyone,

Here is our album at the le last Le Mans Classic with the Asphalt Heritage M1 and our friends from the Orizon 02 club, more than 30 02s were there in front of the pre-grid, just siting there and leting pass in front of us monsters like 3.5 CSL, Porsche 917 and so much more ...







Salut Arthur - you'll always regret letting that 1600 go - they have such a different character. If you find yourself down in 06 give me a call for a pastis and a thrash up the mountain in mine (perhaps the drive first and the pastis later). And drop me a line if you sell the 2002 - might be interested.


I'll definitly do, maybe this summer !



I'll be in Paris the 3rd week of September for a couple days.  I plan to visit the Auto Passion Cafe and La Volant Restaurant .  Any other automobile places we should see?

J Ireland


I can recomand you the Montlhery Autodrome, really important historic racing place just a few miles from Paris.

Eventualy we could take you to one of our "Asphalt runs", with the gang : 2002, dolomite sprint, 2000 gtv, BMW M1, 964 and a bunch of twisty roads and fun ;)

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