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Drive 4 Corners Bmw Meet - August 2013


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Just in case some of you haven't seen, I'd like to spread the information reagrding the Drive 4 Corners Meet this August 2013!


The 3rd annual BMW 4 Corners Meet is in the late planning stages! After the success of last year, we hope to have much more participation. Right now, we are looking at getting attendees from out of state who are willing to take a road trip and join us at the event!


What is the event?

Well, that is a good question. A group of like minded auto enthusiasts who enjoy owning, driving, and meeting other people for a weekend of fun. People come to discuss their favorite BMW’s and join in on a drive, photo shoot and other automotive festivities!

Where is event?

In a small town in south western Colorado, near the 4 Corners region (where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona meet) called Pagosa Springs. This small mountain town sits right next to the Continental Divide, and one of the tallest mountain passes in Colorado. Located right in the middle of Durango, and Alamosa, the location serves perfectly as a central location for the 4 Corners region. Pagosa Springs is a great location to cater towards people that are interested in meeting some other BMW owners, but also want to have some fun hiking and exploring, or even soaking at the natural Hot Springs. There is something for everybody!

What will we be doing??

Being that our host owns the hosting hotel and has connections with the town, we are lucky to have a few unique opportunities. One being a group dinner at the local Pagosa Brewery. Meet other people attending the weekend, and relax with drinks after the drive into town. We are planning to have the Brewery to ourselves for the night!!

The next morning, we are doing a mountain drive and photoshoot. Sitting right atop the Continental Divide, we have the perfect opportunity for pictures and photoshoots! On the pass itself, we will have a full ski area parking lot to use! Additionally, we are looking into planning a Time Speed Distance Rally. Attempt to drive a predetermined route in an allotted amount of time while maintaining a target average speed. The driver(s) closest to the target time, win! Prizes will be given out at the car show and BBQ in the evening.

Share your car and vote on your top 3 cars. Raffle could be included, along with giveaways, based on sponsorship.

Late Night, don't miss out on BMW Films: The Hire showing. Located in the bar, the 72″ Flatscreen works as a great display!

On Sunday, head on over to the Pagosa Hot Springs to rejuvenate in the Hot Springs before the trip back home. The local Hot Springs has many tubs with varying temperatures, and will offer a discounted rate for groups.

When is it?

August 9-11, 2013

Additional Info:

Last years event was a success, and the only thing we wanted to improve was representation from more states, along with more attendance!

I am sure that everybody who went last year is willing to go again this year, along with spreading the new about this great BMW event. The best part-- no registration necessary to attend! Come and join other enthusiasts for a great weekend in a great mountain town.

Our very own Neel M3, will be accommodating us at a discounted rate , not to mention the hotel will be freshly renovated :redspot

Last Year:

Here is a hint of the event last year:











Feel free to look around on our website.

Drive the 4 Corners BMW Meet | Desire to be Driven

If you have any questions or are interested in more information or in helping out in anyway, feel free to message me directly:


Don't forget to add your name to the attendees list, either! Get a rough estimate of who is coming, from where, and with what cars.We will see you there :cool

Attendees | Drive the 4 Corners BMW Meet

We need more BMW representation!!


A window decal has been designed and is in the preliminary stages of printing!! It is very simple and will be something given out as prizes or to those who show up. Also working with a graphic designer for the t-shirt

You will want one of these shirts, even if you don't attend, because the design is going to be that awesome!! Don't forget to sign up on the attendees tab for periodic updates, that is a tentaive list and does not hold you to attend the event, only a source for periodic updates and idea of what cars are coming. Over 40 people already signed up, not included those in the facebook group!

Drive the 4 Corners BMW Meet | Desire to be Driven

Also thinking about ways to include the wives and girlfriends so they can have a great time as well


Getting close to the 100 car mark-- I hope we can reach it!!

People coming from CA, OK, MD, ME, and SD!!

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Great Ben!

Something they may like would be something we are still working on.

We want to get a Forza Motorsport BMW Challenge (Xbox Racing game)with steering wheel where drivers attempt to set the fastest laps times with certain BMW's on certain tracks.

They have the BMW 2002 Turbo, 3.0CSL, E30 E36 E46 E92 M3, E28 E39 E60 M5, E24 M635 etc etc

We will also likely have some Top gear episodes running in the meeting room that are always entertaining to watch!

We would like to make sure everybody is included and has a good time but we don not have a large enough group to cater to everybody. Mainly we are focusing on activities for women/spouses who can't take car stuff ALL weekend.

There are other things in town such as putt putt golf, pool at the hotel, etc

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