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Serial 02 Owner Is At It Again

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Hello gents:  My name's Charlie and I'm a serial 2002 owner.  There, I said it.


A pal called from long ago and gave me his '76, which I greatly appreciate and it has renewed my contact with this list.  Questions abound.  First, the car is the dirtiest I've ever owned, and I've had 14 of them, one of them twice.  So I've spent over a day and a half cleaning, and only gotten through the interior and part of the trunk.


I don't imagine the forum will operate without a "Search" function, but I haven't seen it.... is there one and if so, where?


The car came from CA and was still fully smog laden.  I'm taking that stuff off because 1) I can 2) I want to 3) want more room under the hood to do some (okay a lot of) cleaning 4) I don't expect it still works 5) I have some vague thorts that it may run better, or at least no worse.  The hardware is in the rubbish can, anyone want a part of it?  There is the smog pump, relays from the firewall, muffler thing from under the manifold, hose to the reactor, various brackets, etc.


Question:  smog wiring.  Before I resort to intense study of the Blue Books (which I have, along with Clymer, Haynes and something or other else) what wire(s) do I have to leave in?  I am thinking to remove as much as possible, not just unplug and leave dangling.  Frinstance, there are more connections to the coil than I think I'll end up with, but which one(s) can I delete?

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Not completely sure on 76s, but at least on my '73 the entire smog wiring harness was completely separate from the car's main wiring harness, and only plugged in at one spot--to supply power to all the relays and solenoids.  It was pretty easy to remove. 


I suspect your '76 is the same, as 2002s were built for markets with no emission control requirements and it was much easier for the factory to use a single wiring harness for 2002s, and add any additional sub-harnesses as necessary. 



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Mlytle:  I see it now but sure it wasn't there earlier, maybe cuz I had only just rejoined.  Just another sign of senility.


Mike: a smog sub-harness would be the sensible way to go, allowing simple builds for different markets.  The '76 has MUCH more smog stuff than the 73 model. For example, I don't recall earlier cars had a smog pump and thermal reactor exhaust manifold, etc.  I gotta study up on this stuff, and renew my contact with the ex-dealer Old Guys.

Sadly my Blue Books only were updated to 10/73, thus no wiring diagram showing smog wiring.  Smog wiring is integrated with the harness thus difficult to separate.  There are maybe seven or eight lines out of the voltage regulator, for example.  There's a bundle (two actually) from the relays on the left inner fender near the firewall (not the horn and headlight relays next to the voltage regulator).  Chilton's, Haynes, and Clymer wiring diagrams don't show it, either.


Has anyone got the update pages for the Blue Books past the 10/73 update?  Think I'll post a separate thread for that.  Some of that info (wiring diagrams for example) ought to be in the FAQ section.




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Mlytle, thanks for that wiring diagram. I expect the device numbers are the same as for earlier models, or I'll Search them out.

What with the surf here in Honolulu ( town side) the best it's been in many a long month, I'm having to deal with some distractions. Big blue looming clean hot ones... Hooray.

I'll like put up a box of smog stuff of eBay just for grins ans screams... see if there are any takers. Although Hawaii has no smog law or checks, it seems some states still do, even for cars this old.

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