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Front Starter Brace

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Probably a stupid question but I tried a couple of different searches and couldn't find it.

Need to replace the starter in my '02, which is a creative combination of '72, '76 and aftermarket parts. The starter in the car has a big honker front brace and the face of the starter appears to bolt to that brace. My spare motor, from which I'm scavenging the starter, has no provision for a brace and the starter isn't designed to bolt to one.

The brace seems superfluous; it seems like the bell housing bolts should be plenty. Do I need it? The Haynes manual I have only references the configuration with the brace.



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While the bracket is sometimes if not always missing it is important to support the boat anchor starter at the nose to prevent flywheel damage if the bolts should work loose.

The bracket also should have the battery ground nut attached so the starting

circuit is properly grounded.

Serves as ground bonding to engine block/chassis, attachment for factory type ribbon batt ground cable, and supports weight and twist of starter.

Good luck!

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It's been argued in depth in the past (not sure what keywords to use in search).

In short, many of us go without the bracket and haven't had problems, but there are merits for having it (potential long-term stresses on starter, etc.).

With the more compact M3 style starters, it would probably be less of an issue. With the big heavy original style, well that's more weight to support...

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An additional benefit of the brace is it serves to support the factory intake manifold (ever see a cracked / repaired manifold flange and wonder why it happened?) Adding the brace to my race car, plus the addition of an anti-vibration mount under the carb, eliminated issues and improved on-track performance. -KB

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...is the snow all gone up there in Rochester ?

we won't tell anyone if you leave it out.

but it was there for a good reason as

stated above

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