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Rough start and violent engine shaking after exhaust...


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Hi guys,

Looks like my follow up question in my original thread here is getting buried: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,383328/

76 BMW with CA emissions, 4 speed

So after I installed a replacement exhaust manifold and re-installed my old downpipe, I made sure that I reinstalled all my vacuum hoses that I temporarily unhooked. Now she doesn't start. But doesn't start is a mild statement. What's happening is this:

- I fully depress the clutch. I turn the key and it doesn't turn over. It makes that sound like as if you cranked the ignition when the engine is actually running (you know you've all done it once in your life ;) )

- after trying to turn the engine over the first time, the second time it turns over but then the engine shakes to all hell and cuts off.

- there is some residual fuel spillage, not much but enough to notice.

- I triple checked to make sure that all the vac hoses I unplugged were correctly plugged in. I even removed my vac gauge hose just in case.

Note: my 02 did run well prior to removing the busted exhaust manifold.

Possible causes: could any of these be it?

- Is it possible that the exhaust manifold is not properly tightened down, causing this rough stumbling? same too with the downpipe tightening?

- Could I have done some damage somewhere by improperly installing the exhaust studs? Man that would not be good. The replacement studs I had did not have the middle shoulder that keeps the stud from stopping. what would happen if I tightened them down too far with the nut? Would it puncture anything and that is the cause of this non-starting?

Thanks gents, I'm mildly freaking out. I'm going to remove the air filter and poke around again.

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So far the down pipe is corrected!

Check your starter bolts and the starter bracket with bat ground are snug.

Assure starter leads are properly connected.

Check flywheel/starter pinion gear for chipped/missing gear teeth.

Check and replace carb/intake and intake manifold at head gaskets and properly torque. Make sure to open the choke flap reasonably enough to achieve a decent idle.

Allow plugs to dry after flooding.

Good luck.

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