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Cooling Fan and alternator

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Hi to all.

New guy here with a cooling fan question. Just purchased and drove a new to me 72 2002 from Cali to Philadelphia. Upon my return the water pump started to leak. Purchased a new one from Pelican and installed no problem. But is the fan backwards?? The PO had it installed this way and if I reverse it, it does not clear the alternator.

Also since the change the alternator seized and needs replaced. Looking at a 85 amp rebuild 320I alternator from BNR or should I just get the regular Bosch AL116X? Looking to add driving lights and maybe a small stereo system in the future.

Lastly how the heck do you replace this heater hose section.

Thx and cheers.... Photos included.





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get the correct Behr radiator cap from BMW so you stop the

leakage around the stant cap, and do away with the over flowing

catch bottle. Car did not come with an over flow bottle for a reason.

the alternator on your motor is already a higher than stock output

unit ! you can tell by the width of the orange/red

band around the housing. Your 'band' is double the width

of the standard M10 alternator.

this is the standard width 'band' M10 alternator


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Thx C.D.iesel , The cap is on my list as is the overflow. I am aware the alternator is the higher output but it is seized. Bearing went the way of the ghost. So my question was replace the 320i alternator with same or for a few extra bucks 15$ get the higher output model from BNRparts? Thx again.

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Thought: you can probably replace the alternator bearings yourself--not a terribly difficult job, and the bearings are easily found at a bearing supply shop. A lot cheaper than a rebuilt alternator. My OEM 45 amp alternator puts out plenty of current for two driving lights and a small wattage stereo.

Answer: to replace that that little hose you need to detach the heater valve first from the valve-to-head hose, then unbolt from the plastic ear that's part of the heater box. Be VERY careful with this latter procedure; the ear is pretty fragile and will break off with little provocation. Before unbolting the valve, I'd loosen both those clamps on the small hose (and when you replace 'em use the narrow BMW hose clamps), and then slit the old hose lengthwise with a box cutter--you don't want to twist the heater valve and take a chance on breaking that mounting ear. If you must disconnect the control cable from the valve, unbolt the arm from the valve, not the cable from the arm. And note the arm's position relative to the temp control lever on the dash. It is entirely possible to reassemble backwards, so that in the cold position you get hot air and vice versa. When you install the new hose, lube it with either silicone grease, dish soap or..."personal lubricant." That way it'll slide on (no dirty remarks please) with minimum effort or threat to that plastic ear.

Have fun with your project.


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Thx for the heater hose repair. Will do. I was hesitant on pulling it because of the screws being in rear of the ear and not easily reached but will give it a try.

I agree on the fan orientation but if I reverse it, it hits the alternator bolt and is over an inch from the radiator. Is there a different 5 bladed fan for the early models??? Or a spacer I'm missing on the water pump? My first though was "propeller" orientation for increased air flow but due to the space issue I thought BMW might have it reversed to decrease flex and prevent it from "pulling" into the radiator. Anyone have an answer? The belt is in alignment on the water pump with crank and alternator.

Thx Girt

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It's the alternator- the 320 alt hits the fan. I trimmed my fan, as we

don't tend to have much in the way of temperatures around here.

You can change the pulley and shorten the nose of the alternator if you like.

That's probably the 'better' way to do things.

It's awfully cozy in front of the motor even when things are all lined up correctly.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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I read the 320i alternator conversion info here on faqs. It states needing to cut off the end of the alternator bolt to clear the fan but mine hit the nut holding the pulley on. I'm at work right now but I wonder if the po has a washer on the alternator which is causing the nut to stick out further than required. Maybe I can remove that and trim the shaft back?

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you have a few things going on but if you

clearence the alternator it will fit. also i have

a few good used alternators on the shelf if

you want to try one on the car. i am in center

city philly and have been servicing 02's only since

1984. call me if you would like. as for the hose

we can replace it on the car with very little



215 520 6718 call any time

stone racing co

phila pa 19123

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