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Help w/ Rear Euro Seam Cover Install

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I have L & R rear euro seam covers, 51 12 1 803 274 & 51 12 1 803 274 and I'm attempting to install them on a early shorty rear bumper. Pictured below, it doesn't look like these covers fit without substantial bending. I put light pressure on them and I hear cracking of chrome. From what I've been able to research, these *should* fit, but I can't figure out how they work. Some early seam covers have a bolt at the bottom that goes through a little hole, this version does not. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?



Example Picture of covers courtesy of BluntTech:


Example Picture of cover courtesy of Realoem:


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Start at the bottom and roll them on. try to disregard the cracking you hear no matter how hard it is,..I know its gut wrenching but mine made all kinds of noise 5 years ago and they are still perfect with no ill effects from the cracking 40k miles later

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