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Real Simple Engine Question

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Getting back in to BMWs after 20 years and I'm finding that the terminology regarding engine options has changed. When I had my car it was either a 4 or a 6. Now I hear M10, M20, E something, M3, M30 etc.

Could someone please help me understand all the motor options and their names?

Sorry for the rookie question but I want to understand all my options as I get into this project.

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Haven`t changed the last 40 years.

You are referring to a 4-cylinder, or a 6-cylinder engine.

The M10 is a 4-cylinder. M is Motor, 10 is the type. Then there is B, witch is followed by a number, like B18, indicating it has 1,8 ltr displacement.

This is something you could google.

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the BMW 2002 is Engineering Series within

BMW corporate " 114 " Pre "E" codes.

all 02's come from factory with M10 code motor

people now transplant other BMW motors:

S14 is from the E30 M3

M20 is 'small' Six cylinder with rubber timing belt from the E30 3 series

M30 is a 'BIG" Six - timing chain- from 5 and 6 series cars

M42 & M44 is from 4cyl., twin cam - 4-valve per cyl.

E30 & E36 3-series cars

S38 is big M5 & M6 cars, twin cam, 4-vave beast transplant

YES - this will fit and a few have done it very tidy

installations! The Ultimate heart for your project 114


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Thank you very much for the break down and OH MY GOODNESS that is one nice engine!

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