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1971 BMW 2002 Golf Yellow Project: Future M42 swap

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Hello all!

Just recently got back into the 2002 seen. Its has been a couple years since I've owned an 02.

I picked up a pretty rough 1968 1600 a few weeks ago. The body was beat but it had some pretty nice parts on it and came with a fully built M42 that I originally built.

I picked up a very clean (no rust) and original blue/yellow plate 1971 Golf two weeks ago for an absolute steal.

I just sold my 1600 yesterday. Time to get the 2002 back together!

The 1971 is really nice little car:

Has both bumpers

Matching numbers (engine, frame, and dash plate)

No rust

Blue/Yellow Original plates with original dealer placards

Here's what needs to go back on the car (some parts already installed):

Bilstein/Ireland suspension

320 LSD

Getrag 245 5spd

Ireland SSK

Ireland rear brace/battery holder

Petronix loaded TII distributor with silicone wires

Weber 2BL carburetor

320i/Volvo caliper front brake set up/320i rear drums

E12 master cylinder

228mm clutch/flywheel (may lighten)

Recaro GTI seats









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As for the M42, this will be in the future once the 02 is settled and back on the road.

I plan to adapt S54 throttle bodies to the M42. I am having the inspector at work pick up the bolt pattern/port location with a CMM machine, as well as the bolt pattern for the S54 throttles.

Here are the specs on the M42:

Schrick Cams

JE 11.5:1 pistons

MLS head gasket

Ireland Engineering port and polish

Dual Valve Springs

Pauter connecting rods

fully balanced bottom end








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Unfortunately, I hit a big road block yesterday.

I broke the boss where the shift seal sits on my Getrag 245. I am very bummed about this.

For now I am thinking about just finding a new Getrag and having this one repaired. I believe a transmission shop will need to pull it apart as you need special pullers to separate the cases. Once I have the 3rd broken case off, I can machine a plug or have it welded.

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Well, by miracle I scored a Getrag 245 at a Pick&Pull. I just hope it is all good inside, it shifted (in and out of the car).

Still in the process of cleaning it. Once I get it nice and shiny again I will replace the seals.

I am not sure if the transmission had/has any fluid in it, I havent had a chance to open the drain plug. I noticed when I had the bellhousing down that no fluid seeped from the breather ontop. I hope this isn't an inication of damage/neglaect.

Only one way to find out.

I noticed once the new Getrag was pulled out, it had the 3-bolt flange. My driveshaft is setup for the 4-bolt. Its just a matter of swapping them out.

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make sure the breather on the getrag is clear if its obstruckted the gearbox will build pressure and start to leak as a result. i would be interested in buying a copy of your s54 throttle/intake conversion if your inclined to do so.

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Thanks for the input. I cleaned the breather.

I got the transmission/shifter/driveshaft/slave cylinder all in as well as the master cylinder.

I used the 5spd transmission mount from Classic Daily, it worked really nicely.

I also started removing all of the old carpet as well as scraping all the old foam that was disintegrating.

I also removed the battery tray and install the rear brace/battery holder. I had mixed feelings about drilling. But it can always be repaired to original.

I used an E36 sedan battery cable that I picked up. It was just long enough (had a little extra slack).

Here are some photos. I have been trying to clean up the engine bay.







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I got the car running. The transmission shifts pretty nicely. I worked all of Saturday to get her moving. I installed all new hoses, water pump, and installed the 2BL carb. Also installed and timed the Petronix distributor.

The only problem is the ET25 Rotas are rubbing. I am going to switch over to the E30 Baskets.

I also installed the Recaros using the stock sliders and Ardavark brackets. As for the seat belts. I pulled some retracting/pre-tensioning Klippans from an old (early70's) Mercedes Benz sedan. They should work nicely.

My only concern is the smoking. She may need an engine rebuild or valve job at a minimum. M42 swap may be coming a whole lot earlier than expected.

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I have ordered some Yoko S drives in 195/50R15 to wraps the Rotas in, hopefully this helps with the rubbing. I also had the fenders rolled, they came out great!


The tires should be here sometime this week.  Also placed an order for front spring pads (give it a little bump up), windshield seals, emblem, and a head gasket kit. 


I hope its inly the valve stem seals that are cooked, not the rings. 

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I also installed the Recaros using the stock sliders and Ardavark brackets.

Those Recaro Trophy's Look great! I can't wait to get my set installed - super comfy. I've got the full cloth version...wish I had the set like yours. Sounds like it's as simple of an install as the e21 recaro swap.

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I got the S-Drives on, they feel great.  I think the rubbing problem is just about gone. I am waiting for the spring pads to come in still. 


I decided to remove the head to figure out the oil bruning problem once and for all.  I did a quick compression check before removing the head.  The numbers were rouglhy 155-125-155-160.  Once Iemoved the head, the oil burning was obvious.  The valve stem seals were completely dried and broken.  The cylinder number two port was filled with carbon. It looked as if a piece of charcoal was pounded into the port. I am near certain it contributed to the lower compression reading on number 2 cylinder. 


The valve guides felt nice and tight.  So I will likely just lap the valves and clean everything up as best I can. 


I disasembled the head and I am glasss bead blasting the valves and cylinder head today. I hope to have her running again by the weekend. 


I make opt to replace the radiator with an IE aluminum and possibly run a IE short tube header. I hope they are in stock.
























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So I stopped by Ireland Engineering and well....picked up a few things. I walked out with an aluminum radiator, 292 billet camshaft, Ireland heavy duty valve springs, updated valves stem seals, and some HD motor mounts.


After sand blasting all the carbon off the head I spent about an hour cleaning the head, I then took it the car wash to blast it with degreaser  and water.  I then lapped the valves and surfaced the head with a surfacing stone. I cleaned it then returnded to the car wash for one last blasting. 


I checked the head for flatness.  Looks good.  I used a suface beam and flash light. 


I then assembled the head. 



















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So you're the lucky one who picked up this golf, I was going to pick it up but you beat me to it. I'm glad it turned out as clean as it is. good luck with your m42 swap, I'm going the same route with plans of going turbo in the next couple of years.

1979 e21 318 (sold)

1975 Inka (sold)

1983 e21 320i (sold)

1974 Polaris (sold)

1975 M42 Swap (work in progress)

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