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FS/FT 1993 325is Diamantschwarz Metallic (Redondo Beach)

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I know this isn't what this forum caters to, just posting this here as I would possibly be interested in a trade for a pre '75 2002 in running condition.

Cash could be worked into the deal on either end depending upon car.

I purchased this car in January of 2009 and it's been my daily driver the past four years and approximately 40,000 miles.

This car was originally sold in Canada and was imported to the United States in 2000 with approximately 65,000 miles. When the car was imported to the US the cluster was switched and reset to zero miles. The cluster currently reads 113,xxx when in actuality the car has 178,xxx miles (the car is my DD so the mileage will continue to increase but my commute is relatively short). Despite the high mileage the car has been well maintained and is still extremely reliable and quite fun to drive. This car was factory equipped with the cold weather package, heated seats/mirrors and 3.15 LSD. Car also has dove leather sport interior, which coupled with the Diamantschwarz paint is a fairly rare and good looking combination in my opinion.


Under my ownership I've performed the following

Clutch replacement (OEM sachs kit, new pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing etc.)

Complete set of shifter bushings and components were replaced as well as transmission mounts during clutch replacement

Transmission fluid has been changed with Redline as well as the differential

Fuel pump and fuel filter

Cooling system has been completely overhauled (VSL performance aluminum radiator, aluminum thermostat housing/new thermostat, new waterpump, hoses, expansion tank, bleeder screw etc.)

Headgasket was replaced (car never overheated but had a slow coolant leak between cylinders 5 and 6 on the exhaust manifold side, cylinder head was professionally cleaned/decked and was found to have no cracks under vacuum and pressure tests)

Intake/Exhaust manifold gaskets were replaced during headgasket

New intake boot

Valve cover gasket has been changed twice (once when car was first purchased and a second time when the headgasket was replaced)

Spark plugs have been replaced twice

Oxygen sensor has been replaced

Hood cowel was replaced in late 2009 but is showing slight signs of wear again

Drivers side door lock actuator replaced

OEM wipers have been changed within past 8 months

Reverse light switch

New hood shocks

Cabin filter

Exhaust hangers

New pulleys and belts, although one of the tensioner pulleys is starting to squeak faintly at low RPM (I can easily fix this if it's a dealbreaker)

The oil has also religiously been changed with castrol gtx 20w50 and a Mahle filter every 3-3.5k miles. Air filter has been changed 4 times during my ownership as well as a ton of other things I know I am forgetting in the above list.


ZHP shift knob

Black kidney grills

Motion Motorsports aluminum under panel

DDM m3 bumper

M-tech brake ducts

DJ auto headlights with 55w 5000k HIDs

New fog lights

16x7.5 Kosei K1 wheels (still have center caps) with 225 Falken rt-615k tires (60% tread)

Bilstein sport shocks and struts

Eibach sportline springs

16" electric Spal puller fan (clutch fan has been removed)

wink 5 panel mirror (stock mirror as well as sun visors will be included)

Clarion cz309 headunit with USB/direct iPod connectivity

Magnaflow high flow cats (car is fairly loud as resonators have been removed as well)


The headliner is definitely not in the best shape and is not for everyone, the sunroof also only opens to the tilt position so I would advise the new owner to take care of both at the same time if the headliner truly bothers them.

Front bumper could use a respray, looks decent from 20ft but it has lost it's gloss and is chipped in quite a few places.

Passenger side power mirror does not work, drivers side works fine however.

Passenger side door actuator is also a bit sticky, (I've found aging door lock actuators to be a common problem with most E36s I've ridden in)

Door panels are still fully intact and look good, however they are E36 panels afterall and they definitely rattle a bit when closing doors and need some adjustment.

Despite the cons, the car is IMO a good clean example of an OBDI E36 that would make a great daily driver or a fun second car.

I'm asking $4,900 and will include the original OBDI sport wheels with good condition hankook RS2 tires.

Serious buyers please feel free to ask any questions.

Video/pics taken this past Saturday

photo IMG_2822_zpsf9dca2fd.jpg

photo IMG_2824_zps49cef3b6.jpg

photo IMG_2826_zps743539e6.jpg

photo IMG_2829_zpse7eef620.jpg

photo IMG_2830_zps0aca7d0b.jpg

photo IMG_2832_zps6c9b0e55.jpg

photo IMG_2837_zps2b285553.jpg

photo IMG_2847_zps8dcd30ab.jpg

photo IMG_2848_zpsb19eebc5.jpg

photo IMG_2852_zps0a3651b1.jpg

photo GOPR0750_zpsfa38c72e.jpg

photo GOPR0748_zpsc7afc7f7.jpg

photo GOPR0742_zps3dd10aad.jpg

photo GOPR0737_zps4234e73a.jpg

photo GOPR0740_zpsd24dd7e7.jpg

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