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Electric priming pump


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My '02's mechanical fuel pump works fine, but after a long lay-up, it takes forever to fill the float chamber. Could I install an electric pump to simply prime the system before I crank it over?

I'm concerned that the mech. pump won't be able to pull through the electric one. Does anybody have experience of this?

Cheers !

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If it's the original 1 bbl Solex as fitted to 68-mid-72 cars, there's a brass tube that sticks up through the bottom of the factory air cleaner. That's the vent to the float chamber. Just pour a little gas down the vent and it'll fill the float chamber with enough gas to start the engine immediately and get your mechanical pump working.

IIRC the original 2 bbl Solex has a similar vent so you can do the same thing.

The 2 bbl Weber 32/36 also has a float chamber vent, but it's a bit harder to find. Look down the carb throat--on the edge towards the side closest to the car's front and you'll see a couple of openings. One of those goes to the float chamber, but you'll have to use a little squeeze bottle with gas in it to squirt down the opening, as it's pretty small. Still it's easier than rigging up an electric pump.

BTW, it's been my experience that the Webers allow gas to evaporate from the float chamber much faster than the Solexes.


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Hi Mike,

And having a carbed car sit a long time really makes those of us with tii's "appreciate" the electric fuel pumps (even if they are antique)! My '76 with Weber, after sitting, has to "crank & crank" before it fires up! This is one reason I opted to install the E30 M3 starter years ago...that baby really turns the engine over!


....BTW, it's been my experience that the Webers allow gas to evaporate from the float chamber much faster than the Solexes.


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My '76 has both the mechanical fuel pump and the PO had installed an electric pump in the wheel well right of the gas tank. If I drive every day or two it starts just fine with the mechanical pump. After 3 or 4 days I open the trunk and hock up the electric. Starts much easier.

My play is someday to install a switch on the center console to be able to make the switch over much easier.

Not sure what electric pump I have but the mechanical pump pulls through it with no problems.

Collin in Scottsdale

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