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Rear end conversions? Speed car.


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Hi, I am preparing a rusty 1602 for timed speed events and I was wondering if there was a link to any rear end conversions to be found.

I need a ~2.8 Rear end to replace the 4.11 that is back there right now.

It looks like a 5 series medium(?) case diff would work, but I want to stay away from the odd trailing arm setup that the 5 series has.

I would prefer to not have to back-half the car to do a solid axle because of the work involved. The main function will be going very fast so I can't set it up like a drag car with no sway bars and all that, I don't like drag racing anyways. haha.

Also, has anyone converted to a rack up front?

Any input would be great.

Also, if anyone is interested in a e21 block with a cleaned up e12 head, 4 speed transmission or anything else from a 1600-converted 2002 let me know Most of it will be sold off. The engine is being replaced by a SBC and the transmission will be a powerglide for now for simplicity.

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I made my own....not so easy.....stock 2002 subframe with basically a "cage" fabricated to hold the medium case diff from an E30. Also, you will want to use a diff cover from an E36 because it has two mounting ears similar to the 2002 diff mount.


I needed the taller rear end for my diesel conversion project. Diesels operate at much lower RPM's, hence the taller rear end. You can check out my project and get more detailed info here...


1973 3.0 CS sahara

2000 VW Golf TDI

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so whats a " timed speed events " where you need such

tall arse gearing ? that poor motor wont accelorate

above 69 mph , and it'll take a calender instead

of a stop-watch to time it ?!

i'm confuszed


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I was thinking the same , those are Bonneville gears for top end high speed NOT acceleration ! I would think 4.11 would be ideal.

1970 4 speed 2002 (Daily driver/track car ) 
1974  Hybrid powered twin cam engine, Pig Cheeks , ( now a round tail.) Getting ready to Sell 

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Notice he is selling the M10 engine and 4 speed. He says he is installing a "SBC" (small block Chevy, as in V8! A 23-24" tall tire and a non O/D auto trans a 2.9:1 final drive would be just about right.

1970 1602 (purchased 12/1974)

1974 2002 Turbo

1988 M5

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Thanks for the links, thats exactly what I was looking for. The eta differential looks like the ticket.

Cool diesel conversion!

There are going to be a few changes in the areodynamics department, a grill block, custom air dam and rear wing for starters. 8-point roll cage and the front shock towers will be moved back and up to allow for more caster (stability). plus a lot more

Some of the events time the distance, like Bonneville, but the mojave mile is the fastest speed you can get up to in 1 mile. the Silver state Challenge is measured for average speed over the entire distance so the are all a little bit different. I doubt I will go to speed week at Bonneville though! Mojave is my back yard so Mojave Mile first, then we'll see if the car doesn't fly way with 300hp and 400+ ft/lbs.

'm not interested in dragging the poor car because I don't want the chassis to twist, and I know the poor little differential wouldn't last 3 passes ha ha.

thanks again for the info, I'll be on the lookout for an eta diff.

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