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SOLD!!!!!!!!FS: Los Angeles, Ca: 1968 BMW 1600

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Up for sale is my 1968 BMW 1600. Please see the very description below.

The BAD:

Salvage title, due to very minor rear end incident

Rust (left frame rail and right rear window and rockers), all fixable, had it looked at by a professional. I have found DIY for all the rust repairs on 2002FAQ

Knuckle head paint job (rattle can paint will come off, I started removing it from the hood)

No front bumper (has rear though)

Needs mirrors (may be able to dig some up)

Rattles a little/Interior is beat

Working tachometer and speedo (speedo just needs cable), needs fuel sender


Solid front and rear shock towers, no rust in windshield area, and all other areas

2.0LTR motor(strong 155+ PSI compression across the cylinders)

Clean fuel tank (no rust, dents or damage)

Euro turn signals

Smooth shifting 4SPD + E21 transmission mount

All electrical works (turn signals, emergency lights, low/high beams, taillights, windshield wipers)

New guibo/driveshaft bearing

320i radiator +silicone hoses + new thermostat + new water pump +electric fan with temp switch ($400+)

Nice condition headlight grills (used ones go for $500+) (I believe 1968 1600 grills are much rarer than standard 2002)

New gas filler neck (was $100+) and BMW locking gas cap

New brake pads and fresh fluid

Working stereo

Decent rear bumper

Extra left fender included

Doors and trunk lock

The car has great a little engine (smokes only on hard decel). I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. If I kept it I would probably just put some good tires/shocks/springs and drive the pants off of it.

I have always used 91 octane from Chevron/Shell/Mobil and the valve-train shows it. The valves/ports were incredibly clean when I removed the intake manifold.

I am listing this car as forthcoming as possible.

I can assure you most people aren't as honest in their description.

The car gets nice gas mileage too and compliments too.

Asking $2200 OBO.

Give me a call to schedule a test drive. The car is currently registered and I have the title in hand.


Marco V

323 712 8359

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i couldn't help but notice that you have 2 ads for identical cars...are there differences in the 2 or are they both truly alike...are both the same color

could you post pics of your 2 cars

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