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Baur Lovers alert!

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If you love Baurs:

Thanks to Paul M in Kingston MA for sending me this link today. This is a NEW FIND!

1985 E30 BMW 323i Baur TC. Condition is poor. It was originally owned by the son of the Prince Spaghetti founder. It was then imported from Germany to my father. He used it for about 10 years. It did not pass inspection in 2001 and was left outside covered for approximately 3 years until the cover disintegrated. The car was then left in the weather from about 2004 until now. The rear plastic window collapsed allowing water in through the opening. The interior needs to be completely redone. The hood is dented in the front by the emblem and the grill is missing. Everything seems to be falling apart but the frame still seems to be in good condition. On the positive side the engine only has 70K, the frame of the Baur top and its components seem to be in working order, the LED sensor display seems to be in a good shape, the rims are in good shape, all the headlight and tail lights look ok, it has the chrome bumpers, and it has a custom wood steering wheel and shifter. Would make a good project car or can be salvaged for parts. I do know it is a very rare car. I read somewhere that only 200 of the Baur TC versions of the 323i were made in 1985. I was offered 1k for the car but figured I would list it to see if I could get more. Bank check or Cash accepted and will only deliver within 50 Miles of Kingston MA for $200. Otherwise will have to be picked up.


Somebody grab this!


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YIKES! - huge project but easy doable

Gray Market import

Nardi steering wheel

cloth seats

ran when parked (??!!??)

nice car - easy parts

LOTS of money, labor, effort needed


generic GRAY MARKET conversion tag

not from BMW


real BAUR tag



what a shame it wasn't stored indoors

i wonder if the timing - belt broke, valves hit pistons,

and that's the reason no-one is driving it ?

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My friend and fellow Baur owner Ed "THEPOOLEMAN" just bought this car. He is assessing it as we speak, and has found some rust issues in and around the trunk, taillights, etc. Ouch.

He has posted some pics in the bimmerforums E30 forum in the thread "A Rare Bird: The E30 Baur".


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