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Feeler: Throttle Pedal Kits

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Hey guys, I'm back with another feeler. Since I needed to make myself a throttle pedal, I figured why not make a bunch since I would have the material for them. Starting with the wonderful guide by mlytle, I took to sketching up a design for production. After crunching some numbers, I realized I could sell the pedal kits for around $50 each SHIPPED. This would include the following:

New Aluminum pedal, pre-drilled for mounting holes and highly polished (or left in a matte finish if the buyer prefers). Grip tape surfaces are also an option; it would be no trouble for me at all to go and get some sheets of grip tape and cut them to size. If you went the grip tape route, an extra piece would be included for when it wears through.

Grade 316 stainless steel hardware flush mounted for the pedal and bolted in a similar way to the write-up for the FAQ, so installation is as simple as removing the old nubs and drilling in two new ones, or leaving the originals in place could be possible. Nylon insert 316 stainless locknuts and 316 stainless washers would be used.

Bearing which fits over the accelerator rod, I looked into stainless bearings but the bearing alone would cost over 20 dollars each making this cost ineffective.

Nylon press fit spacers to keep the bearing in place on the accelerator rod.

Stainless steel hinge of higher quality than your standard hardware store hinges. I looked into getting some aircraft quality hinges which would eliminate slop completely, but again, the cost would have to be twice what it is now for me to even cover my own costs.

Assembly instructions as well as a template for the holes which would need to be drilled.

I will post back once I assemble the first pedal and get it installed, but I wanted to see if anyone wants one before I place my parts order; I will have enough material for about 5 kits right off the bat. I would only need to order some more hinges to make the first five, but since the stainless hinges aren't cheap I wanted to see if there is any interest before I spend the money.

It saves you the time of going out and sourcing all the parts and the quality will be extremely high for this price point. I am an engineering student at the top of my classes and I hope to one day have my own shop producing high quality parts and vehicles, so my desire is to provide an excellent product at an affordable price in order to get my name out there.

Anyone in? I am not asking for a deposit at all, just for 4 or 5 people who would like one of these pedals at this price. If I end up losing money on each one, so be it. I'll order a couple extra hinges if I see people are interested.

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I am interested in what hinge you are using that has less slop than the "grab nearest part that worked" hinge i used in the write up.

Found over at McMaster...


it uses a pin that is nearly 1/4". Honestly without having the exact hinge you used I wouldn't know just how much tighter the tolerances are, but it is a fairly safe bet that stainless components will have closer tolerances than your run of the mill zinc plated steel since they are produced in lower quantities. I really wanted to use nylon bushing hinges that are related to 400+ pounds, but cost would make it impossible and the amount of play wouldn't really be noticeable except when held.

There are definitely better hinges, but not at this price point. For $100, sure. But that would defeat the purpose!

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I am interested. I do have to ask how the pedal would be attached to the arm... mlytle used a "U" shaped attachment and would that same design be applied (see picture 4 on the link below)


The point of the "U" shaped attachment is to keep the pedal from flapping backwards. I will initially use the same method mlytle and the OEM used, but future versions may do away with that piece in order to make installation and removal easier and the product less complex. Essentially it would be done using hinges that have a limited swing angle. If I go down that route, though, something would have to be done to still keep the pedal physically connected to the throttle lever so that if a throttle ever sticks open for whatever reason, trying to pull the pedal back towards you in order to release the throttle would still work. Safety first.

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if they are built to the specs i laid out in the FAQ i wrote, there should be no bugs. the design has worked perfectly so far, including several track events. a better hinge would be a good improvement.

Credit where credit is due:

They are built to your specifications, with minor improvements which include the aforementioned change in the hinge as well as flush mounted bolts and a better method to hold the bearing in place on the shaft. Also my kit will use more washers which helps with longevity and load distribution.

Since there seems to be a good amount of interest, I'll double check my order and get my plan finalized by friday night. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted, and all questions are welcome.

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well i am 95% a yes to purchasing one. could you please keep me posted with the specs/ design?

or at least keep this same posting current as things progress?


Me, too.

This is on hold for a little while; I needed to order a lot of material from McMaster (for this project and others) so I was going to do one big order in about a week when I get my paycheck in. I'll keep everyone posted!

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