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Moving Sale, everything must go! (free stuff for UT peeps)

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Ok everyone, here is the deal. I've been hauling three cars worth of parts around with me for the last 4 years (3 moves) and I'm finally ready to part with them. In fact, I don't want to move them one more time. I honestly haven't had time to figure out what everything is worth, so it's all OBO. I'm sure if you are looking for something you have a better idea than I do about the going price. Just be fair.

If you live in Utah, or are willing to pick something up, I'm willing to give you an amazing deal/ give it to you for free (depending what it is). Mostly I hate to throw this stuff away.

I am willing to ship, if it's worth my time. Not sure I want to box up and label a part that is only worth $2 and ship it across the country. I've tried to list everything I have below, but if you see something in the picture not listed, feel free to ask. Also, if you are interested in something I'm happy to provide better pictures of that item.


I seriously hate to do it, but I can't move this stuff again.

Without further adieu...



Brown interior seats. Fronts decent condition, rear rough. Free for locals. I really don't want to ship these....


Two heater boxes with fan. Unknown condition. PENDING/SOLD

Early battery tray.

I have no idea what the thing above the battery tray is. Anyone?

License plate holder. PENDING


Gas tank and filler neck. No leaks, minimal rust. FILLER NECK PENDING

Exhaust. Locals only. Free. PENDING


Still don't know what that thing is...

Original sound insulation. I was so surprised that it was in such good shape, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away.


Radiator, a bit rough.

Fan, also shows wear.

Two coils

Electric fuel pump


Distributer PENDING

Summer/Winter box thing

Misc hardware


Winter block heater

mechanical fuel pump


Solex carb

Misc plastic covers?


Klippan seat belts

Rear view mirror (I think I have 2) PENDING


Gas pedals

Door handles (I have a few sets, pretty good shape, I don't think I have keys)

Sun Visors, decent shape.

Misc steering wheel centers


Wheel center caps. SOLD

Hood roundels.



Side markers

tail lights

turn signal lights PENDING


Headlight buckets

Headlights (I've got a bunch)


Late model grills PENDING


Trim. So much trim. PENDING

I think there is three cars worth. A lot of it is in pretty good shape, but there are some rough pieces. I'd love to make someone a deal on the whole lot of it. Shoot me an offer.


Rear window, defrost strips appear intact.

Child feet not included. Don't make me ship this. Locals?


Spare windows.

Again, please don't make me ship these.


Early tail piece. Some rust. SOLD


Early nose. SOLD

Some rust/rot.


More steering wheels.

Gas caps (one locking no key) PENDING one normal still available


Window cranks SOLD

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Hey. I was the first responder but I put in my full email address (whoops, sorry for the confusion) and I guess it got removed. I was inquiring about the complete trim set, the tail lights, and the kidney from the nose clip. Willing to send moola via PayPal or USPS Postal Money Order. Just let me know how much and if it works for both of us, money will be sent. Thanks. J.C. at bmw-e10 (at) hotmail (dot) com

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and the newest member of the family.... 1972 2002tii Baikal "Tex"

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I had no idea. Thanks for pointing it out. I've included all replies from the other thread below.

Date: 3-18-13 09:41

Would love to have ALL the trim, rear license plate light cover, kidney, and those tail lights. PLEASE let me know a price shipped to 91307. PayPal ready if it works for us both. Thanks in advance

Date: 3-18-13 09:42

Oh my buddy Brian needs that rear section I will let him know.


Date: 3-18-13 10:06

Hi, I am interested in the distributor, mud flaps, a gas cap (largest diameter, flattest example--on the left in the last pic), a driver's door belt line trim piece would be nice. If you have a set of seat tracks available (both seats), they would be much appreciated! I can pay with Paypal. I live in Washington State 98346. I can be reached via email at tebrockbass@hotmail (dot) com or by phone @ 360 297 7270. Thank you, Tom Brock

Date: 3-18-13 10:21

Whoops. Here is my email addy to respond to if the parts are still available in case the inbox thingy doesn't work. I can be reached directly at bmw-e10 (at) hotmail (dot) com ***edited due to confusion...my bad***

Because the FAQ was down last night I wasn't able to follow up with people on pricing. I'll work on it today, and hope to start shipping things out this Friday. Thanks everyone for your patience.

8896652784_3f4bbfe54f_o.jpg  1976 2002 - M20 swap in progress -- Build thread - http://bit.ly/2002M20build


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I could use tail light parts, need reflectors for both round and square, lenses not as important so if someone needs the lens, that's fine, I need the reflectors.


> square and round reflectors - left side (one each)

> square lens - left side (like everyone else, I guess)

On the lens: cracked / not perfect OK.

Happy to barter/trade if you still drive a bimmer.

Andy the tail light guy says "Be Seen, and Not Hurt!"  [mailto:mobrighta@comcast.net]

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Tail Light upgrades keep them off your tail, out of your trunk;
Headlight film keeps your 'eyes' from being scratched out or broken.

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Hi creede in Utah, Like to have the wooden shifter and insert at 1st look. Used to live in Murray and Sandy and the City. Now in CA. How can I make this happen? My '75 is a work in progress and needs these parts and more. Lu

Lu, drop me an email, we'll figure it out.

Creede at grassrootsmodern.com


8896652784_3f4bbfe54f_o.jpg  1976 2002 - M20 swap in progress -- Build thread - http://bit.ly/2002M20build


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sign me up for all 6 turnsignals, not in a big hurry.

I can do paypal or check. maybe stuff 'em all in a

flat rate box, ship to seatte area. thanks,


I'd love to Anton. I forgot I needed two from the pile, so it's now just 4. They do look like they are in pretty good shape though.

Does $50 shipped seem fair?

8896652784_3f4bbfe54f_o.jpg  1976 2002 - M20 swap in progress -- Build thread - http://bit.ly/2002M20build


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