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Recaros / Free Stock Seats / Free Big Bumpers

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I'm moving and would rather not box these up.

1.) Recaro SE's with Sliders. Pax seat is nearly mint. Driver's has a small quarter sized tear in the shoulder and one small 5mm hole in the seat bottom. The flip mechanism cable broke on the outboard side, meaning you have to lift the lever and the latch at the same time (so easy to do I never bothered fixing the cable.) Seats come with adapters and are ready to bolt in. $400 obo. I'd prefer them picked up but might be able to arrange a meet.




Free (I'd rather not just toss them):

2.) I also have the stock '76 navy blue velour front seats. Fabric is in good overall condition. They could definitely use a re-stuff. Good for a someone who's seats are totally shot.

3.) Big bumpers in driver shape. I've got the rear filler panel and untouched shocks as well.

Send me an email with the button above!

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Interested in the bumper shocks. email sent.

edit, it looks like the email bounced back. Here is what it read:

Hello, I have a '76 and I could use some new bumper shocks. I noticed one of the front shocks was leaking and figure they should be replaced so they can do their job, should the need arrise. I am wondering what you would like for compensation to ship them to Kingston Washington. The zip is 98346. I will understand if this is too much of a hassle in the midst of a move, but would appreciate owning them if it is not too much trouble. I have a PayPal account with which to pay, or we could work out some other arrangement which works better for you. Thank you, Tom Brock (tebrockbass @ hotmail.com)

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I have the SE seats. Very comfortable.

Are you moving back to FL?

Yep! Heading to Miami! I can't say I'm looking forward to the heat/humidity, but the job is going to be awesome (get to take a brand new ship from the factory and put her to good use....just about every Coastie's dream)

Looking forward to seeing what the South FL 02 group is like!

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