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Walnut shell grit size for intake valve cleaning?

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Hi folks. Has anyone cleaned their intake vales by walnut shell blasting?

Eastwood sells 20 grit (which I think is about 1 milimeter) and another place provides 35/60 grit shells. Seems like the 20g would be better, but I'm only guessing. Many thanks!

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from the bmw-mothership :

Replacement media, 20/30 SAE or 0.45-0.80mm walnut shells can be sourced locally or through one of the following distributors:

MARCO® Corporate – 800 252 7848 Ext. 284 - marcousa.com/index.cfm

Trinity Tool Company - 800 587 4626 - www.trinco.com

McMASTER-CARR® - www.mcmaster.com

BMW Group Carbon Blaster

Order P/N 81 29 2 208 034

Price - $790.87


tool information

The carbon blaster is designed to remove carbon

deposits from the intake valves and intake ports

of the cylinder head. Refer to the attached Operating

Manual for further details. The maximum air

pressure input should not exceed 8 bar. Ensure

the shop air supply is regulated between 4 and

8 bar before connecting the carbon blaster.

The shop air supply should be dried using a general

purpose filtering system; the tool is not recommended

for use with a lubricating system. Water vapor in

the compressed air system will clog the filtering

screens in the carbon blaster. Repairs due to

water damage are not covered under warranty

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Thanks for the details! Been a long time since I re-did a head - I'd be cleaning the valves from the intake port, ie, head still in place.

Am I able to rotate the valves 180 degrees if I compress the valve spring and simply reach into the intake port and rotate the stem or is fit too tightly to be able to rotate the valves? MANY thanks!

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shouldn't need to rotate the valves - you leave the blaster

running long enough and some permit you to wiggle

the point of discharge so the media will reach all around

the guide/stem for total cleaning

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Many thanks! I'll look for a small, maybe angled nozzle so I can get better accss than a "straight shooter."

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