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Mein 73 tii Rebuild Project - Done

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I have sent the last three years rebuilding my 1973 2002tii. I’ve owned it since 1998.

In 2010 my son and I took on rebuilding the car from the ground up. Everything was removed. All components were removed and either replaced or if they were in perfect working order were cleaned, stripped and powder coated. The wire harness was completely stripped, cleaned, all contacts cleaned and rewrapped.

The body was completely stripped of paint and the interior floor tar removed. All rust was removed. There were a few small places where the rusted metal was cut out and replaced like under the right rear jack point, the bottom corners of both windscreens and a small patch on the passenger floorboard.

I’ve deleted the knee line molding and gone with the early style shorty bumpers. I like that look better. Some of you may not… I understand completely.

The engine (matching VIN) was rebuilt. The cylinders only needed micro polishing, are still at 89.5 mm and have the piano top pistons. Valves are stainless steel. New valve springs, late style valve guides and seals, timing chain, tensioner and rails. New 85 A alternator. 320i radiator. The battery was relocated under the rear seat using two Oddessy PC680 drycell batteries and marine grade 1/0 gauge copper battery cable.

The transmission is the 5-speed Getrag with the 2002Haus short shift kit which is absolutely amazingly smooth and solid.

The interior has been completely replaced with a new headliner, new carpet, 320i Recaro sport seats. The dash has been recovered in leatherette and French stitched while removing the seat belt light. All gauges and lights are fully functional. So is the clock. The heater box was rebuilt with a new blower motor.

The gas tank is new and the spare tire well has been replaced with a new part.

Headlights are Hella H4s with 55/60 watt halogens; plenty of light without burning up the wire harness.

I’ve replaced the front seat belts with Al’s (Bluedevil) belts, also installed 3-point seat belts in the outboard rear positions for safety purposes.

New front door panels.

Anyway, I could just keep going on but take a look at the links of photos and video and let me know your thoughts.











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Mike -

Wonderful looking tii! Nicely detailed with lots of work. Very close to my VIN (4086).

I may use your E30 battery cable location for my 69.


Please tell me if you were able to find a new dipstick or did you refurbish the old one...





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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comments. I forgot to take photos of the batteries under the rear seat. It's the perfect location as it doesn't suck up your trunk space and the center of the car is a nicely balanced location for weight distribution.


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Mike -

Wonderful looking tii! Nicely detailed with lots of work. Very close to my VIN (4086).

I may use your E30 battery cable location for my 69.


If you go with the under seats batteries set up. Here's how I did mine.

Two Odessey dry cell batteries in parallel giving you the same 12V but double the capacity in Amp hours for a big punch when cranking the starter.

Oh and regarding the dipstick, mine was in great shape so I just painted the handle end with yellow engine enamel.





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