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Weber 32/36 Rebuild issue

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Rebuilt Weber DGAV 32/36 according to Haynes tech book.

Now the 2002 starts,dies and shoots gas out of the carb.

Float is 35mm at top farthest from needle valve.

Timing appears dead on.

Did many, many site searches.

Any help really appreciated.


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need more history?

more details of what's been done?

wht's not been done?


did it run good before ?

never ran good ?

much more input needed - don't be lazy

we aint that gifted fortune tellers.

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Thanks for the response.

Here are the particulars:

Ran great before.

Compression fine.

Did a tune up in December.

Wires,cap,rotor,points, condensor, plugs,coil.

Used dwell meter and timing light.

Did rebuilt with Weber kit.

Also new power valve diaphragm.

Did rebuild cause seals were leaking.

Now, after repeated attempts, car will finally start and run. idles high (2000) and dies on acceleration.

More info if needed.

Appreciate your expertise.

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More particulars:

Began with base settings on mix and idle screws.

Still ran fast with idle screw disengaged.

New fuel strainer.

Fuel in bowl.

Checked idle jets for blockage.

Double checked new accel pump.

Checked torque on carb base nuts.

Distributor does not have vacuum advance.

Fresh gas.

Choke opens when warm.

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....."now the 2002 starts, dies,

and shoots gas out of the carb"

(that sounds like a line from the

movie Brave Heart!)

compression test readings

valved adjusted correctly

recheck the float - two measurements -

float dropped, and raised up against the needle.

does the carb have a FUEL SHUT-OFF SOLENOID

AT IT BASE WITH a 'hot' wire connected to it?

and does the solenoid "click" when the wire is

removed and attached?

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Pulled top and checked vacuum on new power valve diaphragm. It was okay when I put it in. Not holding vacuum now. Ordered from Weber carb direct. Different spring, diaphragm and length. Looks like knock off part. Hope to get right one from Pierce.

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