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Rear subframe mount replacement - at an impasse

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I am hoping to replace my rear subframe mounts without removing the subframe from the body. Per this link:


It is possible.

Here's where I am now (both sides)

- the 17 mm bolts that hold the mount to the subframe have been loosened. The bolts are still in place, the nuts have been removed.

- the 17 mm bolt that holds the connecting rod to the body has been removed. The connecting rod is off the vehicle.

- the 22 mm nut that holds the mount to the body has been removed.


So everything is loose. But how do I get the mount off?? I've given the pins (#8 in that photo) a good whack with a hammer. And I even tried using my jack to jack up the car and loosen them. No go. Moved the car up a couple of inches.

And even if I do get pin loose, how do the bolts (#10 in the photo) come out of the mount? They appear to be blocked!


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Whoa...... hold it just a minute.

do not go wacking on the the verticle bolt (#8, IIRK). i'm assuming your car is on jack stands at this point. you want to lower the whole subframe assembly down to clear the vertical bolt. that bolt is a press fit into the car body, btw. ideally you want to lower it evenly as it will tend to bind if lowered one side at a time. you may have rust holding it from moving. i've used gentle prying to help it a little. i've never had to use heat and oil, but you might try if it's frozen. once you clear the bolt you can remove the rubber subframe mounts.

forgot to mention, the weight of your differential may act as a lever arm exacerbating your attempt to clear those bolts. so just keep in mind that you want to keep the subassembly bolt hole square to No.8 Pin as you lower it.

hope that makes sense.

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