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Scope Creep

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I'm planning to have some work done (and do some myself) on my 76 in the next month or so, and I'd like some advice on other things to consider with the following projects:

Having the head replaced with a rebuilt unit, as mine has a rocker in it that the PO Jbwelded when it cracked. Planning for a new fuel pump at the same time, as well as new SS exhaust manifold, rebuilt 32/36 on stock intake.

New higher amp alternator, have a good stock unit, but seems like the time to upgrade while things are coming apart. Don't have this yet, but thinking one of the 85A ones from eBay or a 320 unit.

New motor mounts.

Silicone hose set.

The strut mounts are cracked from age so those need replacing, while those are being done what else should I consider? as this seems to be the most difficult. Thinking about the strut inserts while I'm there

Anything else that's much easier and better to take care of with the suspension apart?

I'd like to do the rear shocks at some point but I'm assuming those are not that complicated compared to the struts.

Also planning to put in SS brake lines and assess all braking components, at the end of last season one of the rear shoes seemed to be grinding on braking.

Eventually I'll replace the heater core with the unit on my shelf that I'll rebuild and fix the fan, but that's not a high priority right now.

Battery to the trunk, haven't decided on a shock brace mount or just a racing style plastic box back there.

Also putting in the nice set of Flofit front seats I picked up over the winter and the rear seat upholstered to match.

Can't wait for some nice driving days in May!

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Scope creep indeed.

Moving your battery should be last.

Do all shocks/struts at the same time if you can.

Fix brakes first.


Ps oh yea, do you really need silly cone hoses? At least make sure to go for the black ones if you must.

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Thanks for the reply, I will do all the shocks/struts at the same time, as well as fix the brakes first and do the battery last.

And regarding the silicone, I got a great deal on a set (of Black ones) so seemed easy enough to do when it's all apart.

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If you're doing all that I'd suggest new bushings all around. Admittedly a PITA, but having done it myself it completely changed how she handled for me.

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Haven't done it all yet. Taking her in Monday. We'll see how far it goes. 

probably doing the bushings too, since I figure they're probably as dry rotted at the strut mounts. 

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