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FOUND!... a Roundie

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I would like to thank all the fine folks who gave me leads, tips and much needed advice on FAQ. I called on, emailed and looked at sooo many cars for over a year on Craigslist, eBay and here on FAQ. I had several great cars slip right thru my fingers and others that didn't quite make the grade.

I found my car on eBay. It never made the reserve, so I contacted the owner afterwards. It was more of a finished car than I had been shopping for, but the write-up of the completed work and the pictures showed it to be a well- built car. After lots of calls and emails for further info, the PO and I settled on a price.

I trailered it home with my fearless, 83 year old father. Austin to Wichita, Kansas and back. 1100 miles, 27 hours and one blown tire at 4:30 AM just north of Ft Worth (that'll wake you up!) By the way...? A 20" aluminum wheel for a King Ranch F350 will set you back $1370 if you buy new from Ford. Fortunately, eBay seller Direct out of Boca Raton, Florida has the goods for $474 free shipping!!! Highly recommend her.

The car is a '71 Sahara-ish (resprayed long ago, over Sahara) with new engine, new front suspension, awesome interior. Was a rolling shell out of Arizona when the PO got it in 2008. They re-did sooooo many things. The file of receipts that came with the car is huge. Nothing but high quality parts from IE, Redline, BavAuto,etc... Just about new everything.

Been driving the car only a few days now, after checking under all the nooks and crannies. It drives well and stops very well. Handles like a go cart with lowered springs and big front sway bar and Bilsteins. Huge BFG 195/50/15s up front and 205/50/15s in back. All running on Panasports. Rolled rear fenders still rub ever so slightly in hardest cornering.

Engine with 10.5 pistons and Schrik 292 sounds great thru header and IE full stainless exhaust with a righthand tailpipe. Only carb'd with Weber 32/36 right now, but I have a complete twin Solex 40DDHT setup on the workbench.

I only have a couple 100 miles on it, but hope to spend the weekend wearing out some Hill Country roads...

Thanks again to all those folks like Ray Koke and Andrew Ganz who helped in my search. It's been a long time, but I think I found a good one.

Hope to see y'all on the road!!

All the best,

Ed Z

Austin, Texas

Yes... Like everyone under the sun, I am looking for a Roundie. Searching the Craigslistings has been a maddening endeavor. Always getting there right behind the guy who just bought it...

Here's a short list of wants:

Driving car

The less rust, the better (no such thing as a rust-free 2002)

Prefer a stock car, but if it has a good stance, I'll give it a look.

Engine doesn't need to be perfect, but cracked heads need not apply.

I can turn my own wrenches, but bodywork is not my skill. Body should be straight, with all grills and brightwork in place and lights working.

Hope someone out there has a good car...

Many thanks,

Ed Z

Austin, Texas



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I don't have a car for you, but looking at your list of requirements I have 3 suggestions:

1. Move rust up on your list, next to "driving car"

2. Weak 2nd gear synchros are so common on 02's you could be crossing off a lot of otherwise good candidates. Replacement is a pain but not a big deal if you need to, for instance, pull the trans for a new clutch

3. Black interiors are probably not the most common. I suspect brown and blue are more common. (Black interiors came on orange cars, red cars, and probably a few other colors.). So you could be crossing off a lot of otherwise good candidates if interior color is really important. And if you have some color other than black -- and don't learn to love it -- swapping out the interior is not a lot of work.

In short, I'd say find a driving, low-rust car and you'll learn to love, or at least like, whatever color it is!

Good luck,


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Guest Anonymous

Try this guy, [email protected] I

bought my 72 from him, I'm very happy with purchase.

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I still got 4 cars

72 tii

71ti (clone) factory sunroof

68 1600 Bristol original TX car

75 Factory sunroof car (1 owner car bought in North TX)

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