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Trouble at Low RPMs


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I was having trouble with my 74 running real rough above 3500 RPM’s and about went crazy finding the problem. It would idle real smooth and accelerate great to below 3500 then it would start acting like I wasn’t getting spark to all cylinders. It was a combination of several things including loose connections on the coil, a bad coil ignition wire, and a valve cover vent hooked up incorrectly which all contributed to the problem. Got it all fixed the car ran great but now it’s running poorly at idle and on slow acceleration up to about 3500 RPM’s. I can power through the lower end RPM’s just fine but try to go down the street at 25MPH and you’ll get whiplash. Oh, and anything above that 3500 RPM mark, the car run’s great like it should. I’ve got a mechanical distributor, Petronix ignition, blue coil, and a Weber 32/36 carburetor. I’ve check the ignition wires and plug’s and they all seem to get spark. I’ve cleaned or replaced the fuel system filters and it has a new air filter. I’m stumped as to where to look next or re-look for this pesky little bug. Any light you can shed on it is greatly appreciated.


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either you have a wonky accel pump diaphram

and the passage is blocked for the extra squirter ?

or ~ when you installed the GO_FASt ignition,

you messed up the mechanical advance in the distributor

so it's jammed

just two possibilities............

have some candy.


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