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1972 BMW 2002 for sale

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Guest Anonymous

Hello! I'm going to auction my 2002, starting Thursday the 14th and running for 10 days. Here is the ad:

I have a unique 2002 that I'm finally ready to sell. The car started life as a charmonix exterior with blue/black interior 2002 automatic but, was converted to run track days back in the 80s. The process was apparently extensive - including at least:

*Complete long block (including Kugelfischer mechanical injection system) from a 1972 2002tii

*Brakes and rear suspension from the same 1972 2002tii

*5-speed gearbox and LSD from an e21 320is

*Bodywork: alpineweiss (white) paint, BMW 2002 Turbo flares, front bumper delete, euro (small) rear bumper, euro flush-mount front turn indicators,

*Coil-over front suspension

*After-market larger diameter sway bars and urethane bushings

*Urethane bushings at most suspension joints and subframe connections

*After-market Recaro seats

Several other modifications were made at this time but, the receipts are now so faded that they are barley legible. READ ON! Several of these modifications have been undone...

I purchased the car back in 2007 for $3500 from a gentleman who had it stored in a garage in Sacramento, California for "over a decade." The car was in a neglected state and needed significant work. Surprisingly, it still ran and drove down the road! It need some serious love however, and I began working on it immediately, performing the following modifications:

*Replaced the mechanical injection system with a Lynx "crossflow" intake manifold and a 45DCOE side-draft Weber carburetor

*Installed an Ireland Engineering stainless exhaust system

*Installed an Ireland Engineering radiator and electric fan

*Mounted some nice wheels that look like the old bbs 3 piece units (mine are just 1 piece alloy wheels)

*Completely refurbished the interior of the car (new carpet kit, new front Recaros, replaced all weatherstripping, replaced a few old vinyl pieces).

*Replaced the plug wires and coil with after-market, high-performance units

*Replaced the fuse box a new unit

*Installed and Ireland Engineering front air damn

*Installed all new weather stripping at all seals for the cabin

*Replaced the heater box and fan with OEM NOS units

*Replaced the windshield washer pump with a similar BMW pump

*Replaced the fuel pump with a Walboro 250LPM (external) unit

The inside of the car is very nice! The seats are after-market Recaros that are really, really nice (and super expensive). I went with black carpet and black / blue suede with cloth insert Recaros. The rear vinyl was replaced with black and the rear seat was dyed to match. The carpet installation was my first experience performing such an upgrade, and it shows. It isn't an awful job, but it certainly isn't even close to perfect. I purchased new kick panels that would allow for front speakers, but never installed them. I also installed all new weatherstripping to seal the cabin - another first for me. I couldn't get the new weather stripping to stick well on the lower door area and it will need to be addressed by the new owner (see video and pictures).

The car lived its entire life in CA, until 2010, and has no structural rust! I took pictures of some surface rust that has developed over the years, but none of it appears to threaten the car structurally. The worst area in my opinion appears under the doors - where the door seam is located (on the actual door, not on the body of the car). The rocker panals are showing some rust, but nothing that would require any significant work to keep it on the road for many, many years. The floorboards, firewall, shock towers, and trunk floor are all solid. When I replaced the carpet, I stripped the floorboards to bare metal, treated them with POR-15 primer, and installed modern sound deadener everywhere. It rides very quiet for an old 2002!

The exterior looks good from 20 feet, but is starting to lose some luster upon closer inspection. The paint is faded and shows swirl marks. Please refer to the photos and the video for the best representation of the exterior. They show true.

The nose area received damage when I accidentally bumped the parking structure wall at my work (I thought I had it in reverse, but it was in first - duh). The damage is to the hood and grill area, affecting the radiator supports and hood props as well. It really needs a new front clip. This is the worst aspect of the car. Other than that, the car looks pretty darn good. It's best qualities are certainly that it has all the right “upgrades” and runs very, very well. I actually put it on the road everyday in 2008, 2009 and 2010 in the high deserts of southern California – she ran wonderfully and was a hoot to drive! I moved to the east coast for work in 2010 and that's when and why I put it into storage.

I've properly stored the car and have it in my garage in North Stonington, CT. I start it every month or so and drive it up and down the street. It's been properly stored now for about 3 years. I'm selling because I don't foresee my ability to actually use the car in the future. It hurts me to sell it, but I really no longer "need" the car (do we ever need toys like these??).

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, so I highly recommend this car to a local buyer that can come give the car a proper inspection. That being said, I will entertain out-of-towners and will help load the car / coordinate with a shipper if necessary. I'm actually working in DC right now so inspections / test drives will have to be coordinated around my hectic schedule. This car is going to go for significantly less than I have into it - that is for sure. I hate to even think of how much I've spent getting it into its current state! This auction is no-reserve and the high bidder wins. Good-luck!!

Notes: Insofar as the miles: the odometer shows 16,371 - however the actual miles are likely beyond the mechanical limits of the ODO. I have the title in hand. It's clear and ready to be transferred. I have the original black plates from California, however I don't have the paper trail to prove they re to this car, so that would be the new owners responsibility to figure out if he or she desired to put the old black plates back on her. Otherwise, it's ready to be title, registered, and insured in any state by the new owner.

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