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Still stuck like chuck

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So here i am again it has been a while since the car has been sitting for about year. The main problem now is that the flex disk once again collasped and tore up the yolk on the drive shaft. I got a replacement so thats all good. The main problem is that one of the bolts that came out from supporting the flex disc while i was driving, punctured a hole in the back of my transmission. The worse part is that it punctured a hole right below the shifting rod that goes into the transmission. The transmission still works, so all that is fine. I wonder is there anywhere i can get it rebuilt here in state of Georgia, or can i just buy the back plate of the transmission from a BMW scrap warehouse.

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1. (Q&D) if the hole isn't too ragged and reasonably accessible, get it round, then tap it for a bolt; cut the bolt off so it doesn't protrude into the tranny case, seal the threads with Loctite and insert along with a copper crush washer. May last indefinitely, may fail quickly. Or leak. Just keep as many of the shavings from the threading out of the tranny as you can. In fact, I'd flush, drain and refill the tranny after doing this.

2. Find a new end piece for your gearbox and install. More work, but more permanent fix.

3. Especially if it's a four speed, just find another gearbox. 4 speeds are plentiful and cheap.

Good luck


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Sorry for that, it sucks.

Those of us that install our bolts in the guibo so that does not happen are often criticized for that but this is a case in point. I guess their retort is that they should have been inspected and tightened.

Not trying to cause a feud at your expense, but when you reinstall, you have the choice to install all the bolt heads away from the transmission. If you do, just make sure you twist whatever, bolt head or nut, that is not in contact with the rubber guibo

Again, hope you get it fixed without too much trouble or expense.

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TAKE YER iPhone under there and give us a few photos

of the badness - another alternative - if this trans is

shifting good and has no abbymormal noises?

remove the box, drain all oil, clean the tail housing

till you can eat your lunch off of it, and take it

to your local welding shop (old skol YELLOW

PAGES) - they will weld in a patch

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