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Struts replacement

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In process of replacing struts with blistein HD and noticed KYB struts.

Did BMW use KYB struts for 1976 built?

other question, looked inside strut tube housing, noticed flat washer with flat rubber ring laying at the bottom of the tube. Should I leave them in or must remove? Of course it did not fall out when held housing upside down.


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I'm looking for some basic info on front shocks absorbers/ struts. my 1976 2002 has a leak on the driver side.

First, what is the difference between a shock absorber and a strut? what else is done when they are replaced?

Thanks , Paco

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The strut is pretty much a shock absorber and springs all together.  Just like our 2002s.  It is pretty much a general term regarding the whole assembly.  Shock absorbers are shocks themselves.  You will need front shock inserts to go inside the housing.  I would also recommend to replace the strut bearing as well since you have them out, they will most likely be worn.  Make sure to lubricate the bearings if they are not pre-lubes since it may make it hard to turn.  First pic is a "strut", second a shock absorber/ front inserts you will need (whatever brand, stiffness you want), and third is a strut bearing.






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Thanks for your reply, the BMW part number 31 321 104 320, do i get shock absorber or strut ? 

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Technically, what you want is a "Strut Insert". 

Tthe 2002 originally

had a "Wet Strut" where the inside of the strut itself was the oil reservoir,

and removing the nut at the top got you a bunch of parts and pieces.

I have taken apart about 30 fronts, and seen exactly one OEM wet strut.


But the part number you show is the "Boge Insert", and yes, that will solve your leaking problem.

Buy a pair!  One for each side.   RealOEM doesn't even show a part number for the strut itself...

even though, yes, that part number points at what looks like is the strut.  The numbers that

point at the oil, etc, are the repair parts for the wet strut.


Everyone in the aftermarket replaced the wet parts with an insert, too, so

you can shop for 'front struts' and you'll get the insert- I don't think anyone will

sell you a front strut itself

like you'd get for an E36.






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