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no spark...i think


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steve & i have been reading for a week and still can't figure out what may be the problem...his o2 truck decided 2st not to run properly,hard to start, requires priming carb...missing under load & rough idle...

he changed the points and fiddled with the carb to no avail...now it's getting fuel but there doesn't seem to be any spark and we don't have a clue how to test things...

there is power from the ignition to the coil, determined by a test light on the + side of coil when key is on...from there we're in the dark on what needs to be done or what to test

could it be a bad coil...i'd test the coil if i knew how

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please revisit the points - if they are installed

correctly with the two contact points aligned, clean ,

and gapped properly while at the top of any cam

lobe to 0.015" feeler blade

also the wires to the coil and distributor

for breaks, sharp bends, loose connections,

dirt, oil, grease causing a short.....?

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Maybe someone hacked her account LOL

If you have a spare sparkplug just remove

the boot from the sparkplug end and install

the spare plug and crank your motor while

holding the plug close to a grounding point

(Valve cover bolt). Also check for intake

leaks with a propane torch or carb cleaner.

I had a similar issue when my timing was

fiddled with by someone rotating the distributor

telling me it would give me more "power".

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