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Weber 32 36 installation

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I somehow managed to delete my post and the replies on this topic. Thought I was just removing a duplicate reply to the folks who posted.

Anyway, I think we are on track to install the new Weber and upgrade manifold. Electric choke on a stock 1973 02 with no smog lines, blue coil, cond, cap, lines, and valve adj. runs great but stumbles on acceleration with the Solex 1bbl. In other words, runs much stronger but same low end problem. Best as we can tell the accelerator pump is leaking and worn. It is due for a better carb at 40 years of age.

I am satisfied, thanks to many responses, that either electric or water chokes will work well, know that the warm up of the electric choke can be adjusted to match the warming of the motor, and that the valve cover can be diverted to a breather.

Two remaining items: I noticed just today a vacuum line running to a canister on the lower passenger side fender. Looks like a brake or smog component. None of the pictures in various posts show that lined attached to those DGEV 32 36 carbs. I think there is a port to accomodate this line, but what does it do?

The other question is where do I find an appropriate (key on) hot lead? Do I pull up the fuse holder and jump to the #12 fuse wire, or can I locate that inside the engine bay? Someone who has done this will hopefully share that trick.

I think the installation is within reach, thanks all for your help!

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