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For sale is a 1976 1502. I am the 3rd owner and I have all the original paperwork. The car was original a company vehicle for a chef at my firm in Germany. One of the sales guys in the company picked it up as a project for his son. His son took little interest in it so I got my opportunity.

I brought the car to Canada in 2002. I had the body re-done, put new front qrtrs and new doors on it. It has not seen rain or been out in the sun except when it was out for a drive since 2000. In 2010, the head went and I started looking for another motor. I ended up with an alpina modified 76 which has been a bit of a different kind of experience.

It is time to stop having 2 of everything good :)

This car will need a motor, front wind screen and potentially a set of doors. I poached the doors for my other car but the paint matches the original chamoix of this car. New doors will cost me $1200 so I am rationally looking for that to sell them with this car.

The rear platforms for the springs should be changed out. If needed, I can do it or you can. Micheal Cahsel has a bin full of them.

So, if you are looking for a very rare car that is in original outstanding condition, contact me.

I have an extra E12 2002 motor if someone needs a motor. It hasn't been messed with yet. It could use rings and I have a 292 IE cam and spring set ready to go in it. I also have the cam tool to make the work go nice and smooth. The motor is very strong. Just burns a bit of oil.

I look after all my things very well.

Let me know if you want other pics or if you have other questions.

$4800 without the doors or the motor

Pics here!:


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