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How do I tell if a 245/5 is the smaller 3 piece unit?

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I'm looking at a 245 / 5 speed from what I believe is a 1979 e21. It is an original Alpina car that had an m30 swapped into it. I'm looking for the "3 Piece" 245/5 but am not quite sure what I'm looking for to tell the difference. I was told these 3 piece units have a slightly smaller bellhousing and are a little stronger. After some research on here as well as google, I haven't come to any solid conclusions and was hoping some more seasoned BMW veterans might be able to weigh in. Is this at all related to the difference between the 3 and 4 bolt bellhousing? I'll be putting this into a custom built chassis (long story) where space is at a premium so the smaller the transmission the better. The transmission is about 5 minutes from my house so I can easily swing by to grab photos of it or look for any particular numbers stamped on it, as long as I know what I am looking for.



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As requested, here's some photos I took of the transmission.

I observed the following numbers as seen in the photos below:






DIN 158

There is also a 79/80 date stamp.

If anyone has any information what these numbers indicate, it would be greatly appreciated.








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