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Looking for a restoration shop recommendation

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Howdy -

I also posted,this in the general forum, but thought that this group maybrave some great ideas for me.

I had planned on doing an extensive refresh of our 74 2002tii (Sputter), but one thing leads to another, and it seems that the best course of action is a fully stripped restoration to solve the rust issues we saw on the lift (not terrible, but not something I want to ignore).

I have planned on piecemealing it between a mechanic, a body shop and an interior guy all local in Houston. However, I want to at least investigate having "one neck to choke" and having it done by someone who is focused on 2002s.

As such, I am interested in specific recommendations and direct experience with shops that do full restorations. 2002AD is the easiest to find online, but I suspect that there are a number of other shops that also do great work.

I expect the cost will be somewhere between shocking and crippling, but Sputter is a family heirloom, with my father-in-law having purchased it new and my wife learning to drive in it.



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I sent my car to Korman Autoworks in Greensboro, NC for a mechanical rebuild. Korman has been around, doing 2002s, since the late '70s. They, and all the top shops, are "expensive" given the relatively low values of 2002s compared to restoration costs. But I've been extremely pleased with the work they've done.

For paint and bodywork -- which I've not yet done -- Korman has at least two options (i.e., subcontractors): one for Pebble Beach quality and one for the rest of us.

Good luck with your project!


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Thanks for the feedback. I have known of Korman a long time (since when I had a 72 Bavaria in the 90's) and it is good to know that they are good for the full mechanical side.

As for paint, I am looking for great body work (since I want Sputter to be around for awhile) and okay paint work (since I will be driving it a lot).


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