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OK, as promised, here is the "Round" version of my rear light upgrades. Both sides shown. Car used for development: 1972 2002, Malaga, VIN 2582401, now semi-retired as an SCCA vintage racer. This pair is for sale, hopefully in exchange for yours to benefit the next lucky 2002!

Methods and improvements also apply to square lights.

During 28 years of ownership, there was suffering and abuse at the hands (front bumpers) of bad drivers crashing into my backside. My realization, they couldn't see me because of some combination of inattention, alcohol induced fog, and very dim tail and brake lights. So to improve my visual profile (conspicuity) on the road, I added a second tail light to double the apparent size, increase light output, and increase reliability 'to the moon.'  With two tail light fimlaments on each side, there's very very little chance that both will fail, meaning there is always a tail light working on each side.


Reflectors are also cleaned, stripped and resilvered to increase the amount of light getting out through the lens where it will be seen.  And with clean lenses, your lights will "shine like the sun."


High output bulbs are used, and additional high output bulbs are available for stock tails, turn signals front and rear, headlights, side markers, and reverse lights.  All have nickel base as required by BMW.

One pair is done. Pics show round lights side by side for symmetry. Square light cars have similar improvements. 


Please review and ask questions... Here are some answers to ones I get often:


NO, this does not melt the lens; been there, done that, do not care to repeat. It's a low wattage filament in the brake light - it makes more light, but less heat than the tail light makes.


NO, it is not illegal to add a second tail light, or a third, or a 27th.  Fewer than one is not legal or smart.


NO, it does not blow fuses, overload wiring, or melt your headlight or brake light switch.


No, you do not have to cut wires, damage anything, or make solder or crimp connections. All that is done here, you just plug it in and enjoy.


I have sold many of these lighting upgrades, and the owners seem to be very impressed, happy with the increase in lighting, and glad to be far more visible on the road.


UPDATE- 15 July 2015

I have recently improved the design of the wiring changes to the lights, making it simpler to install, and to un-install should you ever want to return to the stock lighting configuration.


This past week I have restored and upgraded three pairs - two round, one square.  What are you waiting for?





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Got some feedback last night from 'Som1else' on the round lights he just installed. Here are the good and the bad. Vehicle- 1971 BMW 1600; Arrived well packed and ready for installation; Liked emai

Yep, all I need are the reflectors, Ben.   Give me those reflectors, I'll give you back a restored, relamped and with a bigger visual profile, brighter output, far safer, more reliable set of lights

Posted Images


Thinking $80 a pair, exchange, but will offer them lower ($50) for the first three sales only, to get them out for review and get some feedback (and pics?) posted in the forum. The cost is per pair, and will include restoration, mods for added tail, and one high output bulb per light. Additional high output bulbs for tail, reverse, front and rear turns, at extra cost but again, lower for first three.

Pictures of the backside?

I hope you are OK if I don't share my design right away, it's kind of proprietary. I am trying to make a living here, I know you understand.

Any additions to the wiring harness to accomodate the second (or more) bulb(s)?

No, the light is plug and play, all modification is on the reflector itself. There is one additional step to change the bulb that does tail and brake lights: one 'quick-disconnect' connection and that's it.

Good questions! Keep 'em coming.

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That's it, all three at the lower introductory price are gone to good homes.

Update for those who drive their 02 daily (as I did for 28 years!):

Ken has a few reflectors in his possession - round and square - and has offered them to me for use as cores for the rebuild. If you need this conversion, you pay a core deposit, swap out your reflectors, then return reflectors for a refund. As long as they are not damaged, I will give a full refund.

If your baby is idle, no problem, just send me the empty reflectors and I'll do the deed and return, no core.

Be sure to consider where you want High Output bulbs (tail, turn, reverse, front turn, side markers, etc.) when you order, they are a must have for getting attention - especially with shiny reflectors that project like new!

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Is this conversion possible for a Touring? The tail lights are slightly larger.

I am 99 and 44/100ths certain that yes, it is.

Is the car put away for the winter? Perfect time to get it done.

I'll email you, then you reply back after you pull and take pics of the reflectors front and back, I'll give you my considered opinion... and remember, "Bigger is Bigger." If they are similar to the sedan lights, then yes, no problemo.

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I'd love to help you as well, and I will be very busy next week!

Better for all concerned when I do them all together, it tends to result in a better product because the work is familiar.

Send me an email to discuss what you want, and for a quote and mailing instructions. Only takes a few days to complete the job once they are in my hands.

UPDATE on the TOURING ("1973Touring") -

Know the guy, his dad and I were friends decades ago. I'll be looking at these lights, posting pics when we get them out of the car. Should be easy.

I am very interesting is this!

Please e-mail me at Ciecierskif at Gmail . com

My project is wrapping up and this is something that i was looking at doing myself, but i am falling short on time...

Thank you in advance,


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At least four sets going back to their owners this week, more later.

Get yours redone before the weather turns nice, you don't want to risk getting smacked on your backside, and you KNOW you will want to take it for a drive as soon as the weather turns nice... with big, bright, 'Better than New' tail lights. What could be better?

All you 74-75-76-77 folks, look up my 'Square' post, same deal, at a lower cost for you!

Thanks for keeping me busy, and keeping your 2002 out of the body shop, or worse, the junkyard. I can't help it, I still flash my headlights at any 2002 I see on the road. Yeah, I'm old, but after driving the same car for 30 years, I have a soft spot in my heart for these old beasts. No, not my head, my HEART!!! :)

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