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Early 2002 pedal box question

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OK - I did a search earlier today but did not find the answer to my question...

The pedal box from my '69 has a raised section in the bottom with hole to attach quite possibly a spring. Maybe it is a stop to keep the clutch pedal from dropping forward too much??

AND - what is the purpose of the 2nd lower hole in the clutch pedal?

Other pedal boxes that I have examined do not have this feature.



The clutch return spring sits all the way to the left inside the box (sorry for the blurry picture)


Before picture (note the broken clutch spring)


Powdercoated 69 pedal box, pedals and rebuild kit from BLUNT coming together nicely.


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looks to me like clip #9 goes into the "second lower hole

on the clutch pedal" ((forget that - #9 is the clip to retain

the rod in swinging arm # 23))

and possibly a rubber plug goes into the raised

hole on the floor of the box - does something

swing near to the hole that might benifit from a

rubber stop ?


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Thanks for the quick response Creighton - The Blue book shows that funny U-shaped piece # 23 on 1600 pedal boxes - may be for mechanical clutch units?

The lower part of the clutch pedal will touch the raised section - not sure after I install the clutch master cylinder though.

Ben, HB Chris and other early car owners can possibly help out on this one.

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That must be the leaking brake fluid evacuation port....

Sorry I can't be much help here, I've never had my box out of the 68


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then it's an adaptation of the 1600 mechanical linkage with that funky horseshoe-shaped link and a coil spring as part of the clutch pedal assembly. The clutch pedal itself would have a peg sticking out of one side; one end of the horseshoe attaches to the peg, and there's a big coil spring that attaches to a hook that's bolted up on the front side of the pedal box. Both peg and horseshoe wear out and have to be either rebuilt with weld or replaced.

The pictures you post are for the later style pedal box (on all 02s after 1665200) with a hairpin (torsion) spring that surrounds the pedal shaft.



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Found these graphics from a 1600 workshop manual interesting. Looks like my pedal box retains the "stop" for the 1600 mechanical clutch pedal. Wonder if that rubber plug in the top of the box was originally for the return spring eyelet bolt?





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Why didn't you take a picture of mine?


Carpet and foam pad were in the way and I felt rushed to cover the entire car...and I didn't have the 69 at the time ;-)



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