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75 2002 not idling


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I have a 1975 with a Weber 32/36 carb. The car will start fine but will not idle. The person I recently purchased the car from told me it idled when he bought it, he had it about a month, and then stopped. He mentioned that it could be something with the vacuum. I don't see any hoses not connected. I tried adjusting the idle screw but that did not change anything. Car will run as long as you have your foot on the accelerator. Any ideas?


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Increase the idle speed to 1000 then set the timing with a timing light 1500 RMP ball showing in hole at the back of the engine, then re set idle to 900-1000 .also set idle mixture to highest idle. you could also check inside the distributor to ensure point gap is correct & cap & rotor are in good shape.Then go for a nice drive :)

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Maybe your car has an anti-dieseling solenoid on the passenger's side of the carb. If you do, it'll have a wire going to it. It's possible the fuse serving that circuit is blown (or not passing current due to corroded ends or corroded connectors in the fuse box) in which case the idle jet is staying closed, preventing the car from idleing.

If you can, post a pic of the passenger side of the carb for us to see.

Bob Napier

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i love it when the PO's say it's just something..."

if it was 'just something" why didn't they just DO IT ?!

so to continue with the above basics to check,

further could be :

- a missing idle mixture screw

- a wonky fuel shut off solenoid

- a idle jet that's pluged

- a vacuum hose fitting without a hose and missing an cap plug

- vacuum hoses that appear all connected at the intake manifold

but when you follow to the other end of the hose you find it's

just dangling

- does this motor still have all of the original Emission

Control Devices? Air Pump, EGR systems ?

welcome to the class and when possible-

give us lots of up close photos of the motor so we

can work on it long distance.

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Thanks for all of the info. I will take a photo of the carb and try to get it posted tonight or tomorrow. I will also check the lines and distributor cap and points. Thanks again.

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Ditto on all above but clue is it runs fine off idle, and the throttle screw has no effect, concentrate on idle solinoid first, with key on you should hear a click when disconnscting it, then the fun starts, dimes to donuts its a vacum leak, basic mechanics here, make sure shes tight if you want idle right

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