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Gauging interest in a 72 part out

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I am attempting my first restoration and think I have run into more rust than I think I can handle. I'm enjoying the work but honestly I'm just so ready to drive an 02 again. So I was thinking of parting this one out and finding something a little more complete with less rust.

So this is a test balloon to see if there is any local interest.

I have the engine out on a stand. (Rebuilt by Jason at Heritage)

I have some solid shock towers.


E30 bottle cap wheels with some good tires.

Hood, trunk lid, fenders.

I'll post some pics if I see any local interest. Not really interested in shipping things.

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Ultralite do you also own a Vw van? If so we've met. I am super interested in your motor, I have no problem pulling it at a "mutual" friends shop down here near the decatur area. It's Rich btw with the black e30. We met at V@V a couple of years ago. If you are who I am thinking you are.

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Sorry for the silence, work is busy for me this time of year. I'm going to try and get some pictures posted this weekend with some prices.

Hey Rich! Yep, you guessed correctly.

I'll go into a little more detail when I post the pics but here's a little more info. I plan to get another 02 that's more complete. Due to some work changes and kids getting more involved with activities, I have less time on a weekly basis than when I started the resto. I know folks sometimes start giving stuff away just to clear the garage when parting out. This is not one of those times.

My purposes are:

1. to of course defray some costs

2. Help out some locals

3. Use it as a chance to meet some locals b/c I've met so few of you.

More soon....

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