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Tii Cold start broke an intake runner


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My '72 Tii has been running fantastically this winter. It takes a while to get her going when its in the 30s, but for the most part shes been trouble free.

I went to start her last night, and after waiting 10 seconds, on the first crank I heard a "pop" under the hood.

The plastic runners on cylinder #3 and #4 popped off! Tube number 4 broke at the O-Ring. I have treated those runners really well over the last 7 years and have never had any issues with them.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I am guessing that the cold start squirt somehow got stuck open, so I will be clamping the hose until I can solve that issue, but I am at a loss with how to quickly fix the broken tube.

I am moving out of my apartment, so there is some urgency in terms of getting her out of the lot.

Would a rubber coupling with 2 hose clamps work for a 1/4 mile limp to a friend's garage? I will need to get a new tube, but she needs to be out of that parking lot asap so I need to jury rig something.

Any ideas of a quick tube fix?

1972 BMW Tii - Malaga gone Verona

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Larry: That sounds like a good quick fix. Theres an AutoZone close by too. Thanks!

I'd doubt it's the cold start valve. I'd think ignition, or just a fluke.

Good luck, though!

Busted Pertronix perhaps? Ive had the unit for about 5 years so maybe its finally failed. I am really flustered right now, because I want to get her going, but don't want to cause more harm at the same time.

1972 BMW Tii - Malaga gone Verona

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i'm thinking :

you HAVE not had good cold start warm-up mixture

regulation due to poor adjustment at warm-up regulator,

possible valve clearance issue. It's FUEL INJECTION

which should be adjusted for quick starting and

smooth controled increased warm-up idle speed -

and now it sounds to me you had a lean back fire/spit

back which blew off the tube .......

- adjust valves

- compression test

- fuel pressure test

- inspect spark plugs/gaps/color

- re-attach intake tube

- ignition timing

- follow tii / Kugelfiacher manual to

clean/adjust warm-up regulator

and adjust system linkage

- have idle mixture adjusted using exhaust gas tester

- last time you cleaned/replaced any gas filter/screens ??

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Those look like way to go! Thanks for the link.

These tubes, although treated with care are on their last legs. I am using 2" rubber couplings as a temp fix, then following Diesel's advice looking at ignition and fuel delivery.

Will update with results in case anyone is interested.

1972 BMW Tii - Malaga gone Verona

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