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Far from a pro, but I did look at the car this morning.

I looked at this car this morning, mainly because 02's dont come on sale in San Antonio very often. The owner had it since 2003 and it's her daily driver. Once I saw the car in person for the $6500 asking price, my interest changed to just looking quickly and out of curosity. I'm not an 02 expert but I wouldn't pay more than $2500 for the car and told the owner that.

The body has some rust bubbling in a few places and some cancer on the bottom front. There is probably more but as I said before, I just looked at it quickly. The passenger side quarter panel has a crack from the trunk to the wheel well and the sunroof is scratching when opened more than a quarter of the way.

The engine seemed to run fairly strong . There were a few pools of oil on the block but didn't see a leak, but then again I didn't look very hard for it. The manual chock needs to be pulled out causing it to idle really high or the car will die, probably not that big of an issue to fix. The trans made a whinning noise and popped out of second gear a few times. The brakes seemed okay but the steering was on the loose side.

The seats are in very good condition but the dash had several cracks in it and the center part of the console was not attached. The doors cards would not pop in correctly and some weather stripping needed replacing and the interior chrome strips were peeling. Gas pedal and a few other parts were in the trunk.

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There's not much to work from, given the limited photos. It's been re-painted, not spectacularly: witness the overspray, such as on the evaporative canister inside the trunk. And why was the inside of the trunk (badly) painted? To hide rust in the rear shock towers or simply scuffs and dirt?

The seat covers are new but don't match the door cards. The spare tire's rim is from a square taillight car, as is the instrument cluster. Why?

Looks pretty good based on bad photos but until it's been probed for rust and driven, it's hard to say whether it's a $1,000 car or a $7,000 car!


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