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Neat read - by a master of words.

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$90,000.oo+ &

4,400lbs. ? &

on urban road speed limits filled

with texting suv 's ????

= i must be getting old.

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c.d. you need to be out here in the southwest with long, straight, traffic-free 4-lane freeways and twisty mountain roads all to yourself. You've been in the crowded N.E. for too long. Put some nice, lightly populated Arizona roads on your "bucket-list".

The 75 mile trip for me from my home to Tucson takes 60 minutes, with the stop to go thru the Border Patrol checkpoint and a quick stop at the rest area halfway there. And that's in my '02. Rarely, if ever, see a highway patrol car, and they probably think my 38 yr. old car couldn't possible be going as fast as their radar gun indicates. Besides, they don't pull anyone over that's going 85 mph, or less. Fifteen mph over the 75 mph speed limit is kinda their threshold for even a warning ticket.

Bob Napier

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i do leave the yard somedays, and twist it up

when nobodies around

i'm also thankful for the noobs buying M-Product out

of my showroom which keeps the lower feeders

like me employed. my new 160hp Abarth is 1/2

the weight and 1/4 the cost of a current M5.

10 times more fun and usable in everyday traffic.


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Love the last line in the article " the cost of the new m5; 92k and eternal vigilance". That would be a perfect weekend car for you, Bob!Thanks for sharing.

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