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trouble swapping from 2 barrel Solex to Webber 32/36.

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I have finally gotten around to actually installing the new 32/36 on my '74 2002. I got the old Solex off and have started putting the new Webber 32/36 on. There were 2 wires connected to the Solex and I can't find a place to attach them to the Webber. I don't even know what these wires are for.

Thanks in advance.

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it's electric, then test both wires to see that they are live only when the ign is on (both should be) and plug one into the terminal on your carb's choke.

If you have a manual or water choke, neither wire is needed for your Weber unless you install an anti-dieseling solenoid valve on the idle jet. If you do this, then use one of the wires to power the solenoid. You would use this solenoid if your engine has a tendency to run-on after the ign is switched off (called "dieseling).

Any wires you don't use, be sure and tape the ends, then tape 'em up out of the way so they don't bounce around and accidentally ground. That can cause a fire or at minimum, a blown fuse and/or melted wires.



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thanks for the responses.

Both the old and new carb are water choke.

Looking forward to getting it back on the road! Woohoo!

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