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5 Speed Question

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When I bought my car it already had a 5 speed conversion. Is it almost 100% that the 5 speed manual that was used in the conversion came from a 320i or were there other models used for swaps? Are there markings that identify the transmission?

Also, what are the years of 320i manual transmissions that are generally used in conversions?

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The short answer is that it's most likely a 5- speed from an 80- 82.

It could also be from an '83.

There's a chance it's an optional 2002 5- speed gearbox.

There's an even smaller chance it's from a different BMW.

There's a microscopic chance it's from a different car altogether, says

the racer who put a Nismo transmission into his

(it didn't work out, but not for any real reason other than time)

The easiest way to identify it is to take a picture of the clutch slave

and the back 1/3 of it. And tell us where 1st is.

You can get very close from that.

Have a look at the 5- speed faq, and search '245' as well as the

more obvious terms...



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Thanks for the info. Today is the first chance i've had to get some pics. If anyone can further identify this gearbox based on the below pics, it would be helpful. First gear is up and to the left, the same as every bmw i've ever owned. Reverse is hard left and up. It does have Getrag on it on the drivers side near the engine about halfway up.









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...And on the early side. I think the 1980s-early 1981s were the ones with the four-bolt output flange, which is what mine has (I think mine was out of an '81). Allows use of a standard 2002 guibo and required less modification to the driveshaft. Of course, the output flange may have been changed.

You also have the 2002 Haus bracket, which means it would be easy to go back to the 4-speed. Not that you'd particularly want to. I used that conversion kit and felt that it made the swap much easier.


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