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45 DCOE types: 3 or 4 progressions holes ?

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Which model of 45 would suit a 2.1L, 9.5:1, 292 cam motor ? I see there is the 152 or the 152G which has four progression holes and is meant to smooth the transition from the idle circuit. The info I have read says these were intended for 16 valve or H/C motors. I don't have to worry about emission testing or economy. Just want the smoothest running and best performance.

I already have 40's and know that for the street on a standard motor they are fine. And there are differing opinions on using 40's or 45's on a road going engine. But I want to try using the larger bodied carb to allow my motor to rev out to its full potential. if I use the correct chokes I believe I will still have a strong midrange and not loose drivability at lower revs

Any input would be welcome.

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